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Kinze 1121 Harvest Commander

Kinze 1121 Harvest Commander for Farming Simulator 22

Based on the proven and legendary 1050 dual auger grain cart, 1121 is establishing its own place as a legend. The proven, straightforward dual auger design of 1121 provides the key features necessary for efficient grain handling. The on-demand horizontal auger, optimum 1100-bushel capacity, tip spout control, and multiple undercarriage options deliver high value at…

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Kinze 1321 Grain Cart V1.0.0.5

Kinze 1321 Grain Cart V1.0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog Adjustments and tweaks to work with more combines, including STS 50, 60 & 70 series HARVEST COMMANDER DUAL AUGER GRAIN CART 1300 BUSHELS (TRACKS) | (TIRES) | 750 BU/MIN* When it’s time to harvest, you need a grain cart that you can rely on. With up to 1300 bushels heaped capacity, the 1321…

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Kinze 3660 And 3665

Kinze 3660 And 3665 for Farming Simulator 22

“The 3665 is simple to operate, high performing, and uniquely suited as a dedicated 15” soybean planter in high residue conditions, with the versatility to also plant crops in 30” rows. Equipped with simple to use high tech features — Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, and True Speed high speed meters — it…

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6 ROW Kinze 3000 Planter

6 ROW Kinze 3000 Planter for Farming Simulator 22

Bring to you the Kinze 6/11 3000 series planter. This model comes with many variations such as being able to select no fertilizer to liquid fertilizer to dry fertilizer. Also includes the function to plant directly into unworked ground (no-til operation) Hope you enjoy this mod. Blake Chamness made this mod for FS19 and has…

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Kinze 3600 16 And 16/31 ROW Planters

Kinze 3600 16 And 16/31 ROW Planters for Farming Simulator 22

The Kinze 3600 is a platform of pivot folding planters, this one specifically is a 16 row, with an option for 15 “pusher” units, making it a 16/31 row. The Kinze 3600 is a heavy planter, designed to compete directly with the John Deere 1770/1775 planters, and the Case IH Early Riser planters, the heavier…

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Planter 4900 Multifruit

Planter 4900 Multifruit for Farming Simulator 22

MultiFruit transplanter made on the basis of a KINZE Planter4900. Width: 18.2m. Speed: 18 km / h. Configurable Paint: Chassis, Tanks and Wheels. Configurable Tank Volume: 3500/6500, 5500/9500 and 7500/12500. Serv / Multi: Supported.

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Kinze 4905 Blue Drive Multifruit

Kinze 4905 Blue Drive Multifruit for Farming Simulator 22

Hello friends of the LS22, I have taken the largest seeding machine in the LS22, the Kinze 4905 Blue Drive, and made it into a true multifuit, meaning this machine can plant anything previously installed on the LS22 maps including poplars, potatoes and sugar cane. The capacity for seed and liquid fertilizer has been increased,…

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