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Capello Diamant HS6

Capello Diamant HS6 for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, I share with you a Capello hs6 picker, 6-row folding model with cane crusher. Mod creates based on the basic 8 diamond of the game. Capello Diamond HS6 Working width: 4.50m Working speed: 10km/h Brand: Capello Price: 43.500€ Please let me know of any concerns.

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Claas Convio Flex Pack V1.2

Claas Convio Flex Pack V1.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog Added CONVIO FLEX 1080 Added CONVIO FLEX 1380 Added new config (crop divider) Added transport position for crop dividers headers are now automatically positioned on the matching header trailer Changelog Added CONVIO FLEX 1230 Switchable feed augers Adjusted materials CONVIO FLEX 770: Price: 49,300 € Working width: 7.7 m Max. working speed:…

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Convio Flex 1380 V6.0

Convio Flex 1380 V6.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, the changes in this version are as follows. It is the update before the last update. Changes: V The cutter width has been increased. cutter speed increased from 25km/h to 27km/h. Extended cutter lifetime. The store price from 90,000 has been updated to 70,000.

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NEW Holland TR 6, 7, 8, And 9 Series

NEW Holland TR 6, 7, 8, And 9 Series for Farming Simulator 22

This is the collection of the New Holland third through sixth and final series of Twin Rotor (TR) combines. Due to the distinct similarity of the cabs and bodies of these series, I decided to add them all to the same mod and this drastically cut down on file size. At just 136MB for 9…

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