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Kemper Studie 2020 V1.0.0.1

Kemper Studie 2020 V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

With a working width of 15 m, the Haecksln has plenty of space for your downhill skiers. Here now, after months of work, the Haecksl intent Kemper study 2020 converted from the LS19 (original from Agrartechnik Nordeifel in the LS19). Works fast with 15m working width, with enough space for your downhillers. Yes, there…


John Deere Corn Headers

John Deere Corn Headers for Farming Simulator 22

Price: Model 643: 22000 $ Model 843: 28000 $ ✔ John Deere 843 Corn Head -8 Row ✔ John Deere 643 Corn Head -6 Row The Working Width: ✔ Model 643: 5.3m ✔ Model 843: 6.0m Compatible: John Deere 9400-9410, 9500-9510, 9600-9610, 9650, t560


Collect 900 For Sugarcane And Poplar

Collect 900 For Sugarcane And Poplar for Farming Simulator 22

With this mod, each forage harvester can also chop sugar cane. There is also a special sugarcane cutter that is based on the Collect 900-3. In addition, there is another Collect 900-3 header for poplars in this package. Both headers have color choices and additional symbols so you can distinguish them better. Header Poplars:…


Forage Harvesters Pickup Pack For Straw

Forage Harvesters Pickup Pack For Straw for Farming Simulator 22

Forage harvester cutterbarSince there is no forage harvester cutter bar for chopping straw in LS22. I have the forage harvester Pick Ups the Claas Pick Up 300 and the Pick Up Krone EasyFlow 300 S from the LS22 Basegame rewritten for straw chopping, from straw becomes chopped….


Capello Diament And Helianthus For Hops And Lavender

Capello Diament And Helianthus For Hops And Lavender for Farming Simulator 22

Since there is no combine cutterbar in LS22 for the hops & lavender harvest so far. I have the Capello Diamond 8 / Capello Diamond 12 & Capello Helianthus5700 / Capello Helianthus12000 cutterbars from the LS22 base game rewritten for the hops & lavender harvest, The cutterbars works on all combines in the game also…