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GIL Airsem 6040

GIL Airsem 6040 for Farming Simulator 22

The Gil Airsem 6040 is a 6m planter. Various types of cereals can be sown. It has two rows of cultivator which allows sowing directly after harvesting. Price: 17000€ Working width: 6m Capacity: 2000L


Tume HKL 2500

Tume HKL 2500 for Farming Simulator 22

Direct seeder machine manufactured in Finland. Price: 14500€ Working width: 3meter Capacity: 900l seed / 1350l fertilizer Required power: 70HP


Citan 15001C Multifruit Direct Seeding

Citan 15001C Multifruit Direct Seeding for Farming Simulator 22

Here is my seeder. What Did I Do: Multiplayer capable Color selection added Capacity increased in 2 levels Repair interval increased Multifruit added Own brand as well as store category Working speed increased to 28 km/h Logo installed Have fun with it


John Deere 1590 NO Till Drill

John Deere 1590 NO Till Drill for Farming Simulator 22

Productive Seedbox capacities Easy-to-read seed level indicator Accurate fertilizer metering Box drill acre meter –Work width: 4,5 m –Base Price: $41.590 Ridge Markers option Fertilizer box option Realistic Hoses Realistic Chains –Required power: 85 hp –Max. working speed: 15 kph


Lizard Mazur

Lizard Mazur for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Modification Management * X – Removes the transport wheels Z – Markers N – Covers ✔ Modification errors * Not observed ✔ Benefits of modification * Washable Wearing Hoses Animated moving parts You will find the extended transport hook in the Misc category ✔ Modification evaluation * 9/10 *Map* Elmcreek *Additional information* Seeder Capacity…


GL860 Multi Planter

GL860 Multi Planter for Farming Simulator 22

Sugar cane, poplars or potatoes can be planted/laid with this fictitious planter. To do this, the machine processes seeds, potatoes or sugar cane. Price: 129.500 $


Rauunisemms Pack

Rauunisemms Pack for Farming Simulator 22

This package contains two Rau Sicam Unisem seed drills: MS4 and MS6. These seed drills have a seed spacing of 75 cm, which is ideal for sowing maize. Maximum speed: 12km / h Possibility to add fertilizer while sowing. Rau Sicam Unisem MS4: Working width: 3m Transport width 3m10 Price: 2,500 € Rau Sicam Unisem…