FS22 Sprayers Mods

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Caffini Drift Stopper EVO

Caffini Drift Stopper EVO for Farming Simulator 22

Caffini Drift Stopper Evo 2000 a recovery sprayer, equipped with 4 hydraulic air turbines, with steel frame, 2 meters panels, capacity 2000 litres. Road homologated. This mist sprayer nebulizes the product mixture in a quantity targeted only to the vegetation and at the same time it recovers the product in excess in order not to…


Liquid Transport And Sprayer Pack

Liquid Transport And Sprayer Pack for Farming Simulator 22

This is a pack of liquid transport tanks. The trailer tanks can be configured for either the transport or spraying of liquids. The large liquid transport tank that can be used with any flat bed trailer. The smaller transport trailer is made to use with modded vehicles like the tlx 2020 and other semi attachers….


Bandeirante Virtuos 1300

Bandeirante Virtuos 1300 for Farming Simulator 22

The Bandeirante Virtuos 1300 fertilizer distributor has a capacity of 1300 liters, individual drive by cardan and hydraulic-driven opening of the gates, polyethylene reservoir, 36-meter wide distribution, among other features. It is the best option for fertilizer management with precision, agility, and effectiveness. Bandeirante Virtuos 1300: ✔ Price: 3.000 $ ✔ Working width: 36 m…


Fendt Vario 300 3 Meter Track

Fendt Vario 300 3 Meter Track for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 130500 $ Power: 113 hp Configurations: ✔ Beacon Lights ✔ Main Body Color ✔ Rim color Engine Configuration: ✔ Vario 311 (113 hp) ✔ Vario 312 (123 hp) ✔ Vario 313 (133 hp) ✔ Vario 314 (142 hp) Animation: ✔ The door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons and moving left/right. ✔…


Lizard AC2

Lizard AC2 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 8.500 € Working width: 42.0 m Max. working speed: 18 kph Capacity configurations: 1500l, 2050l, 2600l.


John Deere 250

John Deere 250 for Farming Simulator 22

Perfect sprayer for those who are starting on the farm, small model but also very agile. Settings: ✔ Tank color ✔ Track width ✔ Wheels Capacity: 1000 Liters Working width: 9 meter Price: 5850 $