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SAN Rafael Add-On [1.46]

SAN Rafael Add-On [1.46] for American Truck Simulator

No map DLC is required, but we recommend using it. Rafael add-on is compatible with a majority of ATS map mods, such as: REFORMA GREAT AMERICA PROJECT BETTER ARIZON PROMODS CANADA ALASKA MAP MOD MONTANA EXPANSION PROJECT TEXAS (second our team map mod) PACIFIC MAP C2C SIERRA NEVEDA Some other map mods. Load order is…

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San Rafael add-on v1.46

San Rafael add-on v1.46 for American Truck Simulator

No map dlc is required, but we recommend to use it. Rafael add-on is compatible with a majority of ATS map mods, such as:  REFORMAGREAT AMERICA PROJECT BETTER ARIZONPROMODS CANADAALASKA MAP MODMONTANA EXPANSIONPROJECT TEXAS (second our team map mod)PACIFIC MAPC2CSIERRA NEVEDASome other map mods.  Load order is not important, but in big map combos we recomment…

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Terrebonne to Baker City v1.46

Terrebonne to Baker City v1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Continues road from Terrebonne through Prineville to John Day and from John Day to Baker City. Support for 1.46x InstallationUnzip file and place the .scs file into your ATS mod folder.This version should not break any save game files, but it might relocate you if you are in the middle of a delivery.

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Washington Lake cabin (A-Frame) v1.04 1.46

Washington Lake cabin (A-Frame) v1.04 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Lake Cabinis an offgrid retreat in northern Washington with full interior. This is a map edit that adds an offgrid lake cabin in northern Washington that functions as a purchasable garage where you can store trucks and trailers. Its the perfect getaway. Load OrderPlace this mod above any other map mods that edit the same…

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Minor Urban Overhaul V15.4

Minor Urban Overhaul V15.4 for American Truck Simulator

Mod updated (15.4), only for the full version for now. Small fixes to SCS signage errors in the Phoenix area. Very high-traffic area in San Francisco’s Embarcadero was downgraded to just a high-traffic area. Small scenery fixes in Reno and Barstow. Very High Traffic Areas Added: Boise (I-84) El Paso DFW – San Antonio Corridor…

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US 24 Extension v1.46

US 24 Extension v1.46 for American Truck Simulator

High Poly roads/terrain has been kept from version 1.3.3. Reduces road terrain size from 1000m to 400m.Added trees either side to hide the "void" as it's a shorter terrain.Reduced length of several "terrain" pieces that were hidden under the map, these are unnecessary as they are too long, and just take up extra resources. I…

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Midwest Expansion v0.171b 1.46

Midwest Expansion v0.171b 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

v0.171b 2022-11-17Special upload in order to hopefully fix a major bug near Detroit that was causing the game to constantly refresh the navigation during every profile load. Includes:Hundreds of miles of new roads in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma More than 20 scenery or gas station towns Multiple fully complete…

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Project Dakota v2.0.7 1.46

Project Dakota v2.0.7 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

v2.0.7 2022-11-16fixes many bugs reportedfixes compatibility with Midwest exp To add more roads and cities to North and South Dakota I started this project after thinking there was so much open roads to these states.Its not 100% representation of these states but my vision.This upgrade Will REPLACE North Dakota Expansion. Do NOT USE North Dakota…

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MIDWEST EXPANSION V0.171A for American Truck Simulator

v0.171a This is a "rough draft" version of the TX required version for this map. For now many of the connections to TX will not be there but that update will come fairly soon. This update also fixes some bugs that were found while updating for Texas.   Includes: Hundreds of miles of new roads…

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