FS22 Objects mods

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Seeds Addon

Seeds Addon for Farming Simulator 22

Added different types of seeds for each of the crops. These seeds can only be used with the seeders contained in this pack. The seeding can only be changed if the configuration of the seeder is changed. Big Bag Pallet: Seed of: barley, canola, cotton, grass, maize, oat, oilseed radish, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeet, sunflowers,…


Farmer Decoration Pack 3 Prefab

Farmer Decoration Pack 3 Prefab for Farming Simulator 22

The “Farmer Decoration Pack 3” contains 33 different items that mappers may use for their map building or any other private purposes. With my prefabs I provide you with objects to design for your purposes. Contents: ● 33 different plant boxes with seasonal function ● File size of MOD: 10.70MB


Farmer Decoration Pack 2 (Prefab*)

Farmer Decoration Pack 2 (Prefab*) for Farming Simulator 22

Farmer Decoration Pack 2 contains thirteen different items that mappers are allowed to use for their map making or any other personal use. With my prefabs I provide you with objects to design for your purposes. I expect respectful handling, which means: no changes to the items should be made in order to then upload…


Portable Diesel Tank

Portable Diesel Tank for Farming Simulator 22

This tank can fill the vehicles with diesel fuel. It can be strapped to the back of a vehicle or trailer. To fill the tank, the player must stand next to the tank and climb in. Once filled, the tank can only be lifted with a forklift or by hooks for lifting big bags. You…