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Vistula KZB-3

Vistula KZB-3 for Farming Simulator 22

The Vistula self-propelled wheeled combine harvester is designed for harvesting and threshing grains and rape. These harvesters enable fully mechanical harvesting of the above-mentioned plants. ✔ Engine power: 60HP ✔ Fuel tank: 100 l ✔ Grain tank: 1500 l ✔ Working width: 3.7m ✔ Working speed: 6 kph ✔ Speed: 18 kph ✔ Price: 12,000…


Case 9250

Case 9250 for Farming Simulator 22

Motors – capacity and color choices A color picker in the default colors has been added. , Furthermore, an engine selection (634 – 834 hp) and a capacity selection (15000 L – 40000 L) were installed. Depending on the PS selection, the driving speed also changes (40 – 50 km/h).


Camo Newholland CR1090 Pack

Camo Newholland CR1090 Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Camo NewHolland Cr 1090 Harvester 653 HP 200,000 Liters With or without Attachment on back. 3162 Terra Flex Draper 45FT Working Width 13.7 Speed 15 Mph 980CF 12R Corn and Sunflower Header Speed 15 Mph All Is Color Changeable! Washable! You can get the baler here BONES NEWHOLLAND BALER PACK


John Deere 600F Series

John Deere 600F Series for Farming Simulator 22

These grain heads are intended to be used with smaller or older John Deere combines, like 9400/9500/9600/STS combine. They feature crop dividers to move easily in soybean crop. Model: 620F Price: 20,000$ Max working speed: 10 km/h Working Width: 6.0 M Model: 622F Price: 22,000$ Max working speed: 10 km/h Working Width: 6.6 M…


Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series

Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series for Farming Simulator 22

Axial-Flow 2100: Price: 150.000 $ – 186.500 $ Power: 180 – 280 HP Capacity: 6350 l – 7380 l – 10.000 l Case IH 1030 14FT/18FT/20FT: Price: 28.000 $ – 32.000 $ – 38.000 $ Max. working speed: 10 kph Working width: 4.3 m – 5.5 m – 6.1 m Case IH 1030 14FT/18FT/20FT Cutter…


Claas Jaguar 960-990 TT Pack

Claas Jaguar 960-990 TT Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Claas Jaguar Pack includes the Jaguar 960 TT and 990 TT in the 40.000 Edition and all necessary equipment Configurations: ✔ Design of the 40.000 edition can be selected ✔ Engine version as 960 and 990 ✔ Tracks and tire configurations adjusted ✔ Modern beaconlights and front flashers can be selected ✔ Darkened…


Claas Jaguar 900

Claas Jaguar 900 for Farming Simulator 22

Here we have the good old Claas Jaguar in the 900 series (930 – 980) The good one comes from the LS19, it was already adapted by me at the time and now converted to the LS22. The whole thing was put together as a “pack” and includes the following models. ✔ Claas…