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Fuhrmann Bulk Trailers

Fuhrmann Bulk Trailers for Farming Simulator 22

Fuhrmann Bulk trailers offers you three trailers to transport what you want in it. Fuhrmann MRWK 6000: capacity: 6000l price: 10000$ Fuhrmann LWS 12000: capacity: 12000l price: 20000$ Fuhrmann MRWK 14500: capacity: 14500l price: 22000$ Configurations For All Trailers: ✔ Colour options (trailer and rims) ✔ Wheels options ✔ Beacon options


Lizard Auger Master

Lizard Auger Master for Farming Simulator 22

The Lizard Auger Master was designed to allow easy refilling of working vehicles, from lime spreaders, and manure spreaders, to seeders, and fertilizers. The rear-mounted auger lets you get into position easily, without disrupting your worker’s concentration. The Lizard Auger Master can also be pulled behind a forage harvester, for convenient in-between storage while your…


Brantner E8041

Brantner E8041 for Farming Simulator 22

An old acquaintance comes back to the LS 22 and brings a few innovations with it. The Following Configuration Options Are Available: ✔ 4 different loading capacities: bale wagon, 4200 liters, 8500 liters and 12500 liters ✔ Color choice for chassis (black or red), body (Brantner green new and old, black, orange and red) and…


BEE Hive Trailer

BEE Hive Trailer for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 26000€ Upkeep: 0€ Liters Honey Per Day: 155l Action Radius 150m. The mode uses the original script, so as with bees from the game, you need to get a trigger to generate honey pallets.


TLX 48FT Tanker Trailer

TLX 48FT Tanker Trailer for Farming Simulator 22

The perfect companion when transporting liquids with the TLX9000 is just right there! A 48ft Tanker trailer with lots of options: ✔ Configure the main function, choose a multiproduct tanker or limit its use to be more realistic! ✔ Warning signs options; customize your tanker showing the warning that you prefer, fuel, food… ✔ Multiple…


Schmitz SKI18

Schmitz SKI18 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Cost: 38 350 €; ✔ Selection of the main color; ✔ Rim color selection; ✔ Bumper configuration; ✔ Mudguard configuration; ✔ License plate configuration; ✔ Dynamic hoses; ✔ Animated mudguards; ✔ Working lighting equipment; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Gets dirty and washes; ✔ Aging effect; ✔ Volume: 36,000 liters.


Wilson Silverstar Livestock Trailer

Wilson Silverstar Livestock Trailer for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Changed capacities to hold 36 Cows, 50 Sheep, and 50 Pigs. ✔ Added ability to transport 416 chickens. ✔ Reworked all of the animal places to reflect the new capacities. ✔ Added ability to carry 12 Horses.


Record Trailers Pack

Record Trailers Pack for Farming Simulator 22

This pack contains 5 types of equipment from the Record brand. ✔ EMR 1600 Evo ++: Price: 86.250 $ Capacity: 17745 liter Working width: 24.0m Working speed: 20 kph Required power: 160 HP ✔ KMR 2400L: Price: 92.600 $ Capacity: 29190 / 34340 liter ✔ TPN30: Price: 89.250 $ Capacity: 16200 liter ✔ VS6000 Evo…


Flatbed Trailer IBM JMT19 V1.1

Flatbed Trailer IBM JMT19 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

With this flatbed trailer, you can transport bales, pallets, and other stuff that you need to transport. Price: 30.000€ Shop Category: Flatbed Color options (Default is black) Exported form FS19 by Morrow(basic export, light & animations rework), configured for Loki_79`s UniversalAutoload For using autoload you should install UniversalAutoload UniversalAutoload support all of standart pallets…