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Fliegl Anhanger Pack V1.3

Fliegl Anhanger Pack V1.3 for Farming Simulator 22

This is a pack consisting of the Fliegl trailers that are known from the LS 19 of my Fliegl transport pack. Changelog: Fixed courseplay and autodrive issues. The problem here was the position of the “exactFillRootNode” gizmo. This sat on the tailgate but must be in the middle of the trailer. This has been adjusted….

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Pottinger Jumbo 10020 Combiline 110000L

Pottinger Jumbo 10020 Combiline 110000L for Farming Simulator 22

Pottinger Jumbo 10020 Combiline Capacity: 110000L Price: 93500€ – 123500€ Power required: 180-250 hp The Pöttinger forage wagons include 4 different models (6020 D, 6620D, 7220D and 10020D) from 32.9 up to 48.1 cubic meter. Configurations: Wheels (Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT and Vredestein) Decal of choice on the back door Silage additive available

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Fliegl VFW 14000

Fliegl VFW 14000 for Farming Simulator 22

Tandem liquid manure spreader. Ideal for tractors up to 150hp. Fliegl VFW 14000 Facts: Spreader or Möscha Duo selectable Metal or plastic fenders selectable Tire choice Ascenso and BKT Price: 49000 Power requirement: min. 130hp

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Landbauer LB21 V1.1

Landbauer LB21 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The Landbauer LB21 is a tandem tanker with a cargo volume of 21,000 liters. Changelog The modDesc version has been increased Fixed a bug related to store branding Replaced the VehicleShader with a new version, adding rust to the wear. It can be used to transport all common liquids. The chassis, tank, rims, lettering…

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Dolly LE

Dolly LE for Farming Simulator 22

The Dolly LE from the manufacturer Krampe for transporting trailers to e.g. tractors. Dolly LE Price: €9,500 All configurations are free Can be found in the game under: Equipment / Dolly’s Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Spanish, Polski Thanksgiving BPW Bergischeachsen KG in Wiehl for the friendly permission to use the trademark. BPW Bergische Axles…

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Orkel TX 130 V1.2.0.5

Orkel TX 130 V1.2.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog Added Mitas AR3 tires Fixed missing hatch locks Orkel TX 130 is a multipurpose trailer made in Norway. Features: Hydraulically controlled tailgate from 8,500 liters to 18,000 liters capacity Toolbox Cover Timber stakes Cage for chaff The side hatches on each side are separate. The hatches on the extension swings out like barn…

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Adurante R200A V2.0.0.1

Adurante R200A V2.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog various minor functional fixes to the machines Price starting from: 41.000 $ Trailer with a capacity of up to: 45,000 liters Trailer for wood transport Trailer for transporting 24 bales of any size and format with automatic loading and unloading Big bags transport trailer of “wheat, fertilizer, oat, lime, pig food, seeds, road…

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