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Lely Tigo XR 65 D

Lely Tigo XR 65 D for Farming Simulator 22

Price: €124,000 Capacity: 42000L Required power: 200 hp Working speed: 20 km/h Configurations: ✔ tire selection ✔ Silage additive tank Price: $124,000 Capacity: 42000L Required Power: 200 HP Working speed: 20km/h Configurations: ✔ Tire Selection ✔ Silage additives tank


Diesel Trailer With More Capacity V2.1

Diesel Trailer With More Capacity V2.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The diesel trailer with increased capacity (20000L), is perfect to supply the logger on the NF Marsh with a load of diesel for about 2 months. This Was Done: Capacity increased to 20000L Repair interval increased Color selection added Own brand, as well as store category, added


Orkel DX 130

Orkel DX 130 for Farming Simulator 22

The Orkel DX 130 is a professional trailer designed for the most demanding tasks in construction and transport of coarser masses. Price: from 20.000 $ Capacity: 7100l Configurations: ✔ Toolbox


Baler With Pre-Chamber V1.0.0.2

Baler With Pre-Chamber V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Since I was tired of stopping to unload a bale or finish baling, even if it was just a bale of grass, I have now adapted all other standard round bales for you and can now press your round bales uninterruptedly, because they all have an antechamber now 🙂 IMPRESS 185VC PRO IMPRESS 125F PRO…



KT-10 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 5500 $ Required power: 80 hp Capacity: 12000 l Additional Option: ✔ Color variant (body) green, red, blue, brown ✔ Color variant (design) yellow, brown


BSS Pack V3.0

BSS Pack V3.0 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ It can carry loads between 10,000 L capacity and 18,500 L capacity. ✔ silage and bale models are available. ✔ Many parts can be colored.


Bandeirante Attacker 20.000

Bandeirante Attacker 20.000 for Farming Simulator 22

Bandeirante auger wagon has a carbon steel frame, adjusted in size to guarantee the quality, robustness and durability of the equipment. The painting is epoxy powder paint, which has a higher resistance to wear and corrosion, making it more durable even when working with fertilizers. ✔ Auger Wagon feature a modular construction, allowing flexibility in…


Fliegl Lowloader Pack

Fliegl Lowloader Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Fliegl Low Loader Pack Includes: ZTS 2-axle Low Loader DTS 3-axle Low Loader VTS 4-axle Low Loader FTS 5-axle Low Loader STS 3-axle Semi-Trailer Except for the 2 axle, all have a lift axle. Different shop configurations possible. Prices: ZTS from: 20,000 $ DTS from: 25,000 $ VTS from: 30,000 $ FTS from: 35,000…


Liquid Tanks For Kenworth

Liquid Tanks For Kenworth for Farming Simulator 22

Attachable Liquid Tanks for Carvers Kenworth’s Suitable for all Liquids Complete with Australian Dangerous Good Labels For Diesel Truck Tank Price $10’000 Capacity 14’000L Trailer Tank Price $15’000 Capacity 28’000L