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EL Enclaves And Balearic Islands Map V0.41B

EL Enclaves And Balearic Islands Map V0.41B for Euro Truck Simulator 2

The map ( Addon for Promods Map ) contains the African territorial part* of Spain. The map is an experimental map, so at the moment it’s open to the community to report bugs! The map includes new areas in Ceuta , Melila , Menorca Island. The map requires additional Promodsand all DLC’s for Euro Truck…

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Project E6 Hotfix + PE6 Finnmark RC V1.2 [1.47]

Project E6 Hotfix + PE6 Finnmark RC V1.2 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog For All Versions Of The RC And Hotfix: 1.2: Fixed Promods ferry issues 1.1: Hotfix – The game now doesn’t reload navigation data 1.0: RC – Forest road, nothing fancy Norway: North to South (PE6 Hotfix + PE6-Finnmark Road Connection) The map is essential road connection which is not yet finished by the Promods…

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Poland Detail Adding Mod [1.47]

Poland Detail Adding Mod [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Poland-Detail-Adding Mod is a map-mod that reworks Polish territories from the base ETS2 game and from ETS2’s DLC called “Going East!” as well as adds a lot of more Polish cities and areas of Poland that were not created any time earlier in any mods based in Poland. Poland-Detail-Adding Map Features: 29 cities 121 of…

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North Macedonia Rework V1.5.1 [1.47]

North Macedonia Rework V1.5.1 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

North Macedonia Rework Promods Addon Map Updated to v1.5.1 Made compatible with ets2 1.47 and ProMods 2.65; Integrated the MK Rework / BG+ fix in the base mod; Fixed a gap near the Ohrid Lake; Other fixes and improvements; Features North Macedonia Rework: 6 new cities to the existing ProMods map; 9 new roads; 7…

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South East Asia Map V0.2.4 [1.47]

South East Asia Map V0.2.4 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog Two new countries were added: Vietnam and Timor-Leste Added new cities: Condao, Vietnam, and other temporarily undeveloped cities (including Timor-Leste, Malaysia, and Thailand) Changed street lighting in Thailand The distance to the street lamp is reduced Add a Singapore Dockyard Changed signs at some state interchange on some Malaysian highways Changed street signs in…

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