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MAN TGX Full SET for Euro Truck Simulator 2

MAN TGX Save Edit Full Set Truck works on TruckersMP The truck will show up in the MOD Dealership, buy it first in Single Player before you can use it in TruckersMP, etc. You can change the paint job for this truck as well without having any other parts deleted! Required DLC: Finnish Paint Jobs…

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Virotic LED Package [ETS2] v3.6 1.45

Virotic LED Package [ETS2] v3.6 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod is completely made from scratch by myself, Void. This includes the model itself. If you would like to use this addon, it is available for most accessory slots. This modification features the following;Strobes;Red, blue, orange, white, green, pink, cyan & purple.Come in: 3 individual patterns + 3 offset of each, 3 inverse of…

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Scania Megamod By Cyrusthevirus

Scania Megamod By Cyrusthevirus for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Here’s another best and latest CyrusTheVirus Mod ScaniaMegamod aka Scania PGR-range that includes Scania R-series, Scania G-Series, Scania P-Series, and Scania 4-Series Changes: Added windows animation in all Scania Fixed bugged mirrors(side, front and main) Fixed outdated lights Fixed GPS Own sound(Open pipe sound) Own interior(many possibilities to customize) The game log is super cleaned…

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