FS22 Fliegl Mods

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Fliegl Tool Pack

Fliegl Tool Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Consisting Of: ✔ Fliegl >Small< (round bale grab) – Fliegl >Profi-Combi< (round bale grab) Fliegl >Small< The great advantage of the “Profi-Combi” bale grab, in addition to the excellent workmanship and construction, is the favorable center of gravity, so that even smaller front loaders are sufficient to transport a silage bale. – Price: 1047 €…


Fliegl Blade Roller Swzflm

Fliegl Blade Roller Swzflm for Farming Simulator 22

Individually applicable such as, can be used for mulching catch crops or corn stubble. Technical Details: Roller diameter: 860 mm Exchangeable cutting edge made of HB 500 Weight filled: approx. 2550 kg weight Price: 7.507 $ Heavy bearing Working width: 3 meters Features: High operational capability Speed up to 15 kph possible Low wear High…


Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Wood V1.1

Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Wood V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

This is a set of three log trailers, which have larger space between bunks, so you can load / unload them with front loader or big arm loaders. ✔ Price: 39000 $/ 45000 $/ 55000 $ ✔ Additional bunks which can be folded / unfolded when you are loading short logs to 3 or 4…


Fliegl Lowloader Pack

Fliegl Lowloader Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Fliegl Low Loader Pack Includes: ZTS 2-axle Low Loader DTS 3-axle Low Loader VTS 4-axle Low Loader FTS 5-axle Low Loader STS 3-axle Semi-Trailer Except for the 2 axle, all have a lift axle. Different shop configurations possible. Prices: ZTS from: 20,000 $ DTS from: 25,000 $ VTS from: 30,000 $ FTS from: 35,000…


Fliegl Transport BOX

Fliegl Transport BOX for Farming Simulator 22

This box is mostly used to transport small things, example for small bales or pieces of wood. ✔ Price: 2500 € Configurations: ✔ Grid color changeable ✔ Attacher configurable (No attacher, tractor triangle, 3-point) ✔ Side wall configurable with color choice ✔ Weight set balls configurable Note: This transport box does not actually exist from…


Fliegl DUO

Fliegl DUO for Farming Simulator 22

The Fliegl DUO is a flat silo spreader that can be used for both front and rear attachment. The hinged protective tapes allow for controlled distribution. Due to the hydraulic pivoting to the right and left, it is possible to distribute precisely. ✔ Price: 4000 € ✔ Weight: 750 kg ✔ Max. working speed: 5…


Fliegl ZPW 160PL Autoload

Fliegl ZPW 160PL Autoload for Farming Simulator 22

Fliegl ZPW 160PL Converted Nicely made, auto load built in. a few small details still installed such as autoload (yes no) and page markers (YES, no) Mod is 100% error-free Grid has color choice but not 100 pieces but original colors matching the manufacturer. You need this script: LS22 pallet autoloader specialization Please use the…