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The Sims 4 is one of the most immersive open-world games that packs thousands of activities and features. This game never lets you get bored by offering you several interactive things to do. However, if you’re still overwhelmed with the existing features of the game, you may consider downloading free mods to extend the capabilities of your game and enjoy better gameplay. There are various types of Sims 4 Mods available in the form of custom content that allow you to change certain aspects of your game to a considerable extent. With the help of this Sims 4 CC, you can add new buildings to your game, change your character’s appearance, start a new career, gain new items, and a lot more. If you’re a gaming content creator, you can use custom content to make engaging storylines and gain more audience. With mods, the possibilities to enjoy this game becomes endless. Whether you want better clothes, more items, or a clearer landscape, there’s a mod available for all purposes. Make sure you check out the various mods available to download for Sims 4 and install the ones that fit the bill for you.

Werewolf Dimorphism Mod

Werewolf Dimorphism Mod for The Sims 4

Personally I prefer to be able to see some difference between male and female werewolves, so I did this for visible werewolf sexual dimorphism. This mod gives female werewolves a more feminine shape. The bust is fairly subtle in the nude werewolf, and tends to disappear in female clothing. I haven’t been able to find…


Willow Creek Hospital – NO CC

Willow Creek Hospital – NO CC for The Sims 4

It’s time to renovate the Willow Creek Hospital! This new lot is all made to be functional for the doctor career. Go to work as a doctor, then use the cheat “bb.enablefreebuild” so you can have access to your library/gallery and place the new lot. *The cover and vanity images were taken using reshade. This…


Simlish “Hellfire Club” Shirt From Stranger Things

Simlish “Hellfire Club” Shirt From Stranger Things for The Sims 4

I made a Simlish version of the Hellfire Club shirt from season 4 of Stranger Things. The adult version has a 34 sleeve like the one in the show and requires City Living, but I also wanted to make sure Lady Applejack could sport one so there’s a long-sleeved children’s version as well. All shirts…


MY Version Of Zero’s University Costs More Mod

MY Version Of Zero’s University Costs More Mod for The Sims 4

This is a simple tuning mod that increases the cost of university classes. I really liked the idea behind zero’s mod, but their custom prices were higher than what I wanted in my game. Thankfully, they provided some helpful instructions and pics of how to modify this to your own preferences. I followed those and…


Immortal Spellcaster, NO Aging Anymore

Immortal Spellcaster, NO Aging Anymore for The Sims 4

Annoyed by the fact that your Immortal Spellcaster either dies anyway or gets old and lives if they got lucky? This changes to the Immortal Spellcaster trait prevents your Spellcaster from ageing after reaching the age Young Adult. Nothing big, but at least you can keep your favourite Spellcaster around as long as you wish….


Rowan Sports Outfit

Rowan Sports Outfit for The Sims 4

Women’s sports suit for summer. It consists of a sleeveless shirt attached to the sides with ties, combined with shorts. Samples: 40 Location: full suit. Cloning object: base of the game.