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Autodrive Idaho V2.0

Autodrive Idaho V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, so here I am attaching the complete autodrive of the IDAHO map from its designer Zoltatem.. a map specially designed for autodrive and Play racing The autodrive has been completed (tour of the field – point of sale – factory ready for purchase) except for the farm because the designer has planned the sale…

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Wardrobe Plus

Wardrobe Plus for Farming Simulator 22

This mod allows you to bring your own clothing designs to Farming Simulator 22. Wardrobe Plus is the basic script that brings the functions. In the mod is a template mod available as well as an explanation PDF. The demo mode: Wardrobe Plus – FS22 shows what a mod can look like.

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MP Seller V2.0

MP Seller V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

This mod is used to protect the nickname and related content on a server. After connecting to the server a password is required otherwise you can not perform any interaction, if it is your first login you will need to create your password.

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Liski Autodrive Config V1.0.0.1

Liski Autodrive Config V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

V1.0.0.1 Added routes to new factories and facilities. AutoDrive routes for the “Liski” map are laid out: main roads, fields (except gardens), shops, production, farms (must be bought for triggers to appear), points of sale, gas stations, water and more. Because the roads on the map are single-lane and rural, it is advisable to use…

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Kaweco Pack

Kaweco Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The pack contains two slurry tankers a tandem and a Tridem. Tire choice Color configuration Price: Tridem 108,000 Tandem 89,000 Required Power: Tridem 350hp Tandem 250hp Working speed: 17 km/h Working width: 30m Filling capacity: 30,000L

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Standing Laser

Standing Laser for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, here is a little novelty functional laser with IC completely well done good game to you with laser is very well made functional at 100 percent very cool nice good game to all with enjoy Characteristics: functional with IC Price: 0

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Mack MP8 Sound Mod

Mack MP8 Sound Mod for Farming Simulator 22

To install place the files in the correct folder and put the following lines in the sound xml: <motor template=”engineLarge” file=”sounds/mack_mp8_engine_loop.gls” volumeScale=”1.8″ linkNodeOffset=”0 2 2.0″/> <motor template=”indoorCabinRumble” /> <motor file=”sounds/turbo_loop.gls” linkNodeOffset=”0 1.3 1.7″ volumeScale=”1″ innerRadius=”0.5″ outerRadius=”50″ fadeIn=”0.6″ fadeOut=”1″ pitchScale=”1″> <lowpassGain indoor=”0.45″ outdoor=”0.6″ /> <lowpassCutoffFrequency indoor=”100″ outdoor=”15000″/> <lowpassResonance indoor=”0″ outdoor=”0″/> <volume indoor=”0.70″ outdoor=”1.00″ > <modifier type=”MOTOR_LOAD”…

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French Panel Pack (Prefab) V1.1

French Panel Pack (Prefab) V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Pack with French signs to place them on your map with Giants Editor. Names of the cities you can design yourself with the font “Corbel”. Changelog Corrected multiple Material Added different configurations of cities, roads, and kilometers (panel)

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