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Lizard 24.5 X 14 Wheel (Prefab)

Lizard 24.5 X 14 Wheel (Prefab) for Farming Simulator 22

Fictional rim style custom modeled. ✔ Wheel and hub can separatly be made color selectable if set up in the vehicle’s XML. (colorMat0 ✔ Wheel, colorMat1 ✔ Hub) ✔ Custom dirt texture.


Seeds Addon Additional Features

Seeds Addon Additional Features for Farming Simulator 22

Added different types of seeds for each of the crops. These seeds can only be used with the seeders contained in this pack. The seeding can only be changed if the configuration of the seeder is changed. Big Bag Pallet: Seed of: barley, canola, cotton, grass, maize, oat, oilseed radish, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeet, sunflowers,…


Fliegl Blade Roller Swzflm

Fliegl Blade Roller Swzflm for Farming Simulator 22

Individually applicable such as, can be used for mulching catch crops or corn stubble. Technical Details: Roller diameter: 860 mm Exchangeable cutting edge made of HB 500 Weight filled: approx. 2550 kg weight Price: 7.507 $ Heavy bearing Working width: 3 meters Features: High operational capability Speed up to 15 kph possible Low wear High…


Holaras Jumbo

Holaras Jumbo for Farming Simulator 22

The Holaras Jumbo is built by the Dutch manufacturer Hoopman Machines. This Holaras Jumbo silagedistributor was built in 1989. The Jumbo silagedistributor series is still being built today. Shop category: levelers Price: 7500 $ Required power: 70 hp Weight: 1250KG


ECO Sheep Paddock V1.4.6.7

ECO Sheep Paddock V1.4.6.7 for Farming Simulator 22

Wool and sheep production in FS22 never pays for itself. So, to make it profitable again, this mod has solar panels to run the paddock and generates DOUBLE the daily running cost! Just by having the paddock, you can generate electricity (and hence money) even without sheep. However, the big thing here is the…


Eberhardt GS 45/300

Eberhardt GS 45/300 for Farming Simulator 22

The GS 45/300 is a 3m wide field roller, which was built in the 80s by the german manufacturer Eberhardt in Ulm. In the meantime, the roller has been restored and repainted. For use with smaller tractors, a toolbar can be configured. Price: 1.230 $ Working width: 3 m Required power: 10 hp Working speed:…


Seed Runner

Seed Runner for Farming Simulator 22

his is a seed tender that can be used with any flat bed trailer. You will need to “enter” the seed tender to be able load and overload. For taller seeders and planters you will want to place it on a taller trailer ie. the upper decks of the lode king and demco low…


Spring Creek Autodrive

Spring Creek Autodrive for Farming Simulator 22

Hiho, I hereby make my self-drilled route available for the Spring Creek map. All roads were run in, resulting in a route network of approx. 350km due to the 390 fields, only a part would be marked on the map…. the points are partly located directly on the road itself all sales and production sites…


PCH 4.5

PCH 4.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Chisel plow SVAROG PCH-4,5. Designed for deep autumn non-fall tillage with deepening of the arable horizon. Destroys the plow sole – a compacted layer under the arable layer, which occurs when the soil is treated to the same depth. The plow sole reduces productivity, prevents plant roots from developing, disrupts natural gas and water exchange…