FS22 Other Mods

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Grimme SE260

Grimme SE260 for Farming Simulator 22

With the 2-row, off-set trailed SE 260 with 6 t bunker, Grimme supplements its very successful SE 150-60 series and with that is able to enter the performance dimension of 2-row bunker-harvesters at an attractive price. The digging technology is based on a combination of the effective yet gently harvesting elements of the 2-row…


Larger Capacity Pallets

Larger Capacity Pallets for Farming Simulator 22

These pallets replace the production pallets from the base game with a 5x larger capacity and unloading speed to indirectly bypass the pallet limit. The capacity adjustment only applies to pallets from the base game, pallets from mods are not adjusted. The changes will only be applied to newly produced pallets. Pallets Considered: Bread, cakes,…


John Deere 400 Rotary HOE

John Deere 400 Rotary HOE for Farming Simulator 22

The John Deere 400 rotary hoe is an implement that was manufactured by John Deere from about the 1960s to the 1990s, and it was one of the most popular rotary hoes on the market. The rotary hoe was an essential tool for farms that don’t or can’t use herbicides. It works by disturbing…



KIR-1.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Configurations: ✔ Tire selection 3; ✔ Choice of main color, design, decals, guards, pulleys; ✔ Choice of decals, additional light; ✔ The log is clean. Change: ✔ Envelope from 19 to 22 ✔ Added effects, sounds, brands, redid discs, supports rust;


Precision Farming LE

Precision Farming LE for Farming Simulator 22

In order to remain sustainable in agriculture, there is no way around Smart Farming. The ISARIA system provides the crops with what they really need and paves the way to digital agriculture. The ISARIA products of the Precision Farming DLC ​​(Free) from Giants Software in an optically adapted form and with color choice at purchase…


Sloping Bottom Container

Sloping Bottom Container for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 1.600 $ Category: misc Capacity: 2800 L ATTENTION: The Sloping bottom container must be coupled. The matching pendant is included in the pack. Welger DK 115 (platforms Only): Price: 11.500 $ Category: trailers Warning: When overloading manually, please press “I” twice the first time to prevent it from unloading automatically.


Probox Bulk Seed Container

Probox Bulk Seed Container for Farming Simulator 22

A refillable ProBox that holds 45 Bushels of Seed. ProBox can be attached directly to a fronloader, skid steer or telehandler without forks to be refilled. Once emptied, the ProBox may also be filled with fertilizer. Capacity: 1584L (45 Bushels) Price: $1500