Lizard S-Series 25D

Lizard S-Series 25D for Farming Simulator 22

The Lizard S-series 25D forklift has a 53KW / 72HP Diesel engine with a maximum speed of 43km/h. Added to that, this forklift offers a three stage mast for which allows you reach even higher than normally This forklift also offer an adjustable forks, so you can grab pallets of different sizes and from different…


KTP 7.4 – 9.4

KTP 7.4 – 9.4 for Farming Simulator 22

Cultivators KTP 7.4 and KTP 9.4 are designed for cutting the surface compaction of the soil layer, destroying weeds, loosening and preparing the soil for sowing. Model: KTP 7.4 – 9.4 Price: 9300 – 11000 € Working width: 7.4, 9.4 m Required power: 180 – 300 hp Working speed: 15 km/h Additional Option: Color variant…


Kenworth W990 Flattop

Kenworth W990 Flattop for Farming Simulator 22

This is our W990 we released the end of Farm Sim 19 had converted to 22 Since there’s been alot of traffic for my 990 this was the one we released in FS19 at the end no its not the same as in my pictures but it functions hooks to trailers has lights…


John Deere 2400

John Deere 2400 for Farming Simulator 22

Model: 2 series Production: 1984 – 1992 Standard engine: Zetor Transmission: Manual Max speed: 30 km/h Price: 10000 € Power: 90HP Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body color, rim color, front attacher configuration, mudguards. Required mods Simple IC


Tume HKL 2500

Tume HKL 2500 for Farming Simulator 22

Direct seeder machine manufactured in Finland. Price: 14500€ Working width: 3meter Capacity: 900l seed / 1350l fertilizer Required power: 70HP


Claas Xerion Tour Edition

Claas Xerion Tour Edition for Farming Simulator 22

Claas Xerion: Price: 409.500 $ Power: 480 hp Engine Configuration: ✔ Xerion 4200 (420 hp) ✔ Xerion 4500 (480 hp) ✔ Xerion 5000 (530 hp) Animations: ✔ The left door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons left/right ✔ The steeringbase folds down/up when you enter/leave the tractor.


Eberhardt GS 45/300

Eberhardt GS 45/300 for Farming Simulator 22

The GS 45/300 is a 3m wide field roller, which was built in the 80s by the german manufacturer Eberhardt in Ulm. In the meantime, the roller has been restored and repainted. For use with smaller tractors, a toolbar can be configured. Price: 1.230 $ Working width: 3 m Required power: 10 hp Working speed:…


Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Wood V1.1

Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Wood V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

This is a set of three log trailers, which have larger space between bunks, so you can load / unload them with front loader or big arm loaders. ✔ Price: 39000 $/ 45000 $/ 55000 $ ✔ Additional bunks which can be folded / unfolded when you are loading short logs to 3 or 4…