Simple COW Barn

Simple COW Barn for Farming Simulator 22

In these simple cow barn you can keep your cows mainly outside on the meadow. There is a shelter for bad weather. In one of the barns you have to give the animals water to drink, in the other the water is supplied automatically. The shed, which is open at the rear, is also available…


Caffini Drift Stopper EVO

Caffini Drift Stopper EVO for Farming Simulator 22

Caffini Drift Stopper Evo 2000 a recovery sprayer, equipped with 4 hydraulic air turbines, with steel frame, 2 meters panels, capacity 2000 litres. Road homologated. This mist sprayer nebulizes the product mixture in a quantity targeted only to the vegetation and at the same time it recovers the product in excess in order not to…


Middleburgh Map V1.1

Middleburgh Map V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Middleburgh is a FS22 4 x map based in the Catskill Mountains of NY state. Map features custom soil map for PF, MTA, 5 custom farms, floods, a huge forest, many custom productions including a moonshine still and much more. So much has happened since we last met. I know i promised our next…


Phiber Dash Trailer V2.0

Phiber Dash Trailer V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE DASHCONCEPT Developed To Accomplish Two Primary Objectives: Reduce fill times to keep the sprayer spraying. Keep chemicals separated to guarantee chemical efficacy. The DASH automates chemical mixing and cleaning, reducing the possibility for human error, decreasing the time needed to fill a sprayer, and increasing overall sprayer productivity. DESIGN The DASH…


Distinction Super B Back Edit

Distinction Super B Back Edit for Farming Simulator 22

​It’s not much, I took the back trailer from the ingame super b train and edited it a bit, more color, higher capacity (not too much either) older style wheels, and some brake lights, something giant missed to put on it lol


Mobile Silo With Cover

Mobile Silo With Cover for Farming Simulator 22

This is a large silo. The silo has 2 ramps to drive up and a grid. The ramps can be driven up and down, the grid can be opened and closed. ingame price: 100000€ Length: 40 meters Height: 5 meters Width: 9 meters


Agromasz POH Pack

Agromasz POH Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Agromasz POH 5: Price: 14.000 $ Required power: 150 hp Working width: 2.5 m Max. working speed: 12 kph Agromasz POH 4: Price: 11.150 $ Required power: 140 hp Working width: 2.0 m Max. working speed: 12 kph Agromasz POH 3: Price: 8.350 $ Required power: 100 hp Working width: 1.5 m Max. working speed:…