FS22 Amazone Mods

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Amazone KE 3000 Super

Amazone KE 3000 Super for Farming Simulator 22

This Amazone KE 3000 Super power harrow with 3m working width. You can choose between a standard attacher and an accessory for the back attacher. Price: 12000 € Max. working speed: 10 kph Required power: 95 hp Working width: 3.0 m


Amazone Pantera Modpack

Amazone Pantera Modpack for Farming Simulator 22

A sprayer that is not really super realistic but very practical! Characteristics: ✔ Price: €245,000 ✔ Capacity of 15,000 or 35,000 liters ✔ choice of color ✔ Working speed of 35 km/h ✔ Plant protection or liquid fertilizer with the Pantera ✔ Slurry or fermentation residues with Pantera GG ✔ Different round lights selectable


Amazone Zg-Ts 10001/2

Amazone Zg-Ts 10001/2 for Farming Simulator 22

Amazon upgraded with lime. Capacity: 18,500 liters of fertilizer or lime Price: 85,000 € Working Width Adjustable: 15 meters to 42 meters Color Choice: ✔ main color ✔ Theme color ✔ Rim color


Amazone AD-P Super Pack

Amazone AD-P Super Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Capacity: 2000l Working width: 3m / 4m Price: 31000 € / 41500 € In addition to the basic functions, the seed drill has a tramline marker which can be unfolded using the mouse, but only after unfolding the seed drill.


Amazone Citan 15001C V1.0.1

Amazone Citan 15001C V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Amazone Citan 1500_C with multifruit of current map fruits and capacity choice in 3 variants Crops: currently 25 different Wheat, barley, oats, canola, sorghum millet, sunflower, soybeans, corn, potatoes sugar beets, cotton, sugar cane, poplar, oil radish, grass, rye, spelt, triticale, millet, alfalfa, carrots, onions, hops, lavender and cabbage wheat, barley, oat, canola, sorghum, sunflower,…