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Blue Bird School BUS

Blue Bird School BUS for Farming Simulator 22

1. Description: ✔ Brand: Blue Bird ✔ Price: 11 000 € ✔ HP: 400-500 2. Configurations: ✔ Base color ✔ Rim color ✔ Front “Guard” ✔ School Bus (Yes/No) 3. Animations ✔ Doors ✔ Front “Guard” ✔ Stop signs ✔ Roof panels ✔ Engine panel ✔ Interior animations (pedals, gear stick, levelers and more) ✔…


Prinoth Raptor Pack

Prinoth Raptor Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The RAPTOR 300 is the chameleon of the mulching carriers that provides unparalleled customization possibilities to answer the individual requirements of each end user. The modular design, in combination with various options, allow multiple configurations. Accessibility and the compact architecture make this unit stand out when speaking of ergonomics & efficiency. Featuring the latest technology…


TLX 3500 Series

TLX 3500 Series for Farming Simulator 22

Big Brother is here!!!! The TLX2020 set a standard in versatility, the TLX3500 elevates that concept exponentially. Totally new design, options, combinations, and lots of fun! Versions Included: ✔ Crew Cab ✔ Single Cab Attachments/Beds Included ✔ Crew Cab: Pickup bed; Flatbed; Tipper ✔ Single Cab: Pickup bed XL; Flatbed XL; Prospector XL Options Available:…


Piaggio APE P601

Piaggio APE P601 for Farming Simulator 22

➣ Price: 8750$ ➣ Max Speed: 65KPH ➣ Body Color Configuration ➣ Interior Leather Color Configuration ➣ 3 Body Types: ➲ Bale Trailer ➲ Crops Trailer: Capacity: 1000L, 2000L, 3000L. ➲ Water/Liquid Trailer: Capacity: 1500L ➣ Simple IC ➲ Left/Right Door ➲ Both Sunshields ➲ All Bed Doors ➲ Engine Cover


Airbus H160 V2.0

Airbus H160 V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Here is the AIRBUS H160 helicopter i did a big edit to the mod all errors and warnings are gone i have fixed all lua scripts also did a few adjustments this is a great mod to fly around with to do reviews of maps or show off the map your playing or as…


RAM Promaster

RAM Promaster for Farming Simulator 22

Radichkov’s Fiat Ducato, which I transform into a RAM Promaster. RAM Promaster is sold only in the USA, and is the cousin of the Fiat Ducato, Citreon Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Opel Movano. since all these brands are part of the Stellantis group. ✔ changeable color ✔ changeable plate ✔ animation of the driver’s door…


MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie

MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie for Farming Simulator 22

I converted you my famous liO bus that I released on FS19 a few weeks ago following the many dms received on Instagram & Messenger, this will allow you to enjoy it on both Farming Simulator 🙂 The mod is 100% functional (its engine/lights/turn signals/doors) PS: The mod has an original version (civilian) and…