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RAM Promaster

RAM Promaster for Farming Simulator 22

Radichkov’s Fiat Ducato, which I transform into a RAM Promaster. RAM Promaster is sold only in the USA, and is the cousin of the Fiat Ducato, Citreon Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Opel Movano. since all these brands are part of the Stellantis group. ✔ changeable color ✔ changeable plate ✔ animation of the driver’s door…


MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie

MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie for Farming Simulator 22

I converted you my famous liO bus that I released on FS19 a few weeks ago following the many dms received on Instagram & Messenger, this will allow you to enjoy it on both Farming Simulator 🙂 The mod is 100% functional (its engine/lights/turn signals/doors) PS: The mod has an original version (civilian) and…


Manure Mod Pack XXL V1.1

Manure Mod Pack XXL V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Included in the pack are 2 slurry manure vehicles in normal and in XXL capacity, with it there are 2 different attachments. # Colors selectable # Engine-config # Working speed increased # Capacity increased # MP-capable


Schlingmann Unimog TLF3000 Beta

Schlingmann Unimog TLF3000 Beta for Farming Simulator 22

» Features: » Animated doors » Animated speedometer ” Trailer hitch » Realistic 3D expansion » Stadt Horn on key ‘Num7’ » Compressed air horn on button ‘Num8’ » Ambient lighting on key ‘Num9’ » Rear warning on button ‘X’ » Rolling shutters on button ‘N’ » Bumper configuration ” Black ” White » License…


Lizard OLD Bike

Lizard OLD Bike for Farming Simulator 22

The amazing old bike from the map scenarios is now available for you to use on your farm! Guaranteed fun, lots of laughs with your friends! ✔ Price: 400 € ✔ Power: 1 HP ✔ Optional color.


Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike for Farming Simulator 22

Driving A Bike Allows You To Travel From A To B Without Consuming Fuel. Go Green And Buy A Mountain Bike ➣ Price: 250$ ➣ Max Speed: 45 KM/H ➲ Body Color Configuration ➲ Seat Color Configuration ➲ Rack Color Configuration ➲ Tires Light Color Configuration


Grader DZ-143

Grader DZ-143 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Power: 124 hp ✔ Speed: 47 km / h ✔ Volume of a fuel tank: 90 l. ✔ Cost: 2,000 € ✔ Maintenance cost per day: 250 € ✔ Open doors, hood covers ✔ Animated instruments, gas pedal, cooling fan ✔ Working lighting equipment ✔ Leaves traces.