GIL Airsem 6040

GIL Airsem 6040 for Farming Simulator 22

The Gil Airsem 6040 is a 6m planter. Various types of cereals can be sown. It has two rows of cultivator which allows sowing directly after harvesting. Price: 17000€ Working width: 6m Capacity: 2000L


Tartak ( Sawmill )

Tartak ( Sawmill ) for Farming Simulator 22

pl: TARTAK Do pracy fabryka potrzebuje: Drewno Fabryka Ta Posiada Produkcje: 1. Drewno = Deski + Wióry 2. Drewno = Kantówki + Wióry 3. Drewno = Wióry 4. Drewno = Żywica 5. Drewno = Deski + Kantówki + Wióry + Żywica en: SAWMILL To work, the factory requires: Wood This Factory Has The Following Productions:…


Farmer Decoration Pack 3 Prefab

Farmer Decoration Pack 3 Prefab for Farming Simulator 22

The “Farmer Decoration Pack 3” contains 33 different items that mappers may use for their map building or any other private purposes. With my prefabs I provide you with objects to design for your purposes. Contents: ● 33 different plant boxes with seasonal function ● File size of MOD: 10.70MB


Diesel Trailer With More Capacity V2.1

Diesel Trailer With More Capacity V2.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The diesel trailer with increased capacity (20000L), is perfect to supply the logger on the NF Marsh with a load of diesel for about 2 months. This Was Done: Capacity increased to 20000L Repair interval increased Color selection added Own brand, as well as store category, added


Bandeirante Rasthor H7

Bandeirante Rasthor H7 for Farming Simulator 22

Rasthor H7 is a device specially developed to carry out the soil decompaction, from the surface to the deepest layers.Excellence in dynamometry, great results in the process decompaction and root productivity. Bandeirante Rasthor H7: ✔ Price: 39.500 $ ✔ Working width: 4.2 m ✔ Power required: 210 hp ✔ Working speed: 10 kph ✔ Category:…


Orkel DX 130

Orkel DX 130 for Farming Simulator 22

The Orkel DX 130 is a professional trailer designed for the most demanding tasks in construction and transport of coarser masses. Price: from 20.000 $ Capacity: 7100l Configurations: ✔ Toolbox



Brenig3M for Farming Simulator 22

Small 3m seedbed combo perfect for small farms Brening 3m Harrow: ✔ Working width 3m ✔ Price: 5000€ ✔ Function: flat cultivator The Following Was Done: New building Specular