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If you want to enjoy an authentic American truck driving experience, there’s no better game than the American Truck Simulator. The rich textures and scenic locations offer you a very immersive experience that can keep you engaged for hours. However, as you continue to explore the various possibilities of the game, you may find certain content to be repetitive and boring. Fortunately, the ATS mods are available to rescue and eradicate your boredom. There are several types of mods available for ATS such as vast maps, new vehicles, tuning parts, and a lot more. With the help of these mods, you can add a snort of uniqueness to your game, and develop new possibilities to enjoy the game even more. Not to mention, these mods are a boon for streamers as it allows them to make amazing content as well. ATS mods can be installed pretty easily in the game without any failure. Therefore, in case you’re looking to make American Truck Simulator more exciting, make sure you have a look at mods available on ModsHost and choose the ones that resonate with your interests.

Mack Anthem Sound Engine

Mack Anthem Sound Engine for American Truck Simulator

Engine sound for Mack Anthem from Kriechabaum by KnightRider ✔ changed Mack Anthem engine sound from Kriechabaum ✔ For the mod to work correctly, turn off the sound reverb in the sound settings in the game.


Cummins ISM Straight Pipe Sound [1.44]

Cummins ISM Straight Pipe Sound [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

This mod is Cummins ISM with straight piped sound for SCS and modded trucks Version 1.0 Feature: Cummins ISM 280-500HP with straight piped sound Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off with distortion effects Custom exhaust distortion for realistic exhaust tone and works along with custom attenuation Custom sound orientation for realistic…


NEW DRY Bulk Cargoes [1.44]

NEW DRY Bulk Cargoes [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

This mod adds new cargoes for the SCS Dry Bulk Trailer. In the base game, only Cement is available for the dry bulk trailers. This obviously limits the number of loads and a variety of shippers and receivers. I originally started on this for my own use but decided I’d take a crack at releasing…


Real Companies, GAS Stations & Billboards V3.01.24

Real Companies, GAS Stations & Billboards V3.01.24 for American Truck Simulator

Changelog V3.01.24 The Voltison dealer on Tesla was changed. Tesla’s warehouse is replaced by the auto parts of the nap. Changed the Darwing sign on Boeing. The input sign IHOP has been changed. A new parking for Redding trucks on Travel America has been changed. McDonalds conflicting signs are removed. This mod will change…


Kenworth T800 [1.44]

Kenworth T800 [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

Changelog Update for 1.44 With This Mod You Get: The Kenworth T800(N) truck with appropriate tuning parts. The Hood was rebuilt and remodeled to match the real truck as closely as possible. 3 cabs (for now) so many chassis options that I won’t even bother with counting them new, unique, real-life-accurate interiors


Cascadia 49X Tweaks V1.2 [1.44]

Cascadia 49X Tweaks V1.2 [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

Features -Added support for 2020+ model year parts. -Fixed light mask on side marker for LED exclusive headlights. -Slid the fifth wheel on 6×4 long chassis. -Changed side blinker light flares to no light variant to prevent light from leaking into the cab. -Compatibility fixes for ATS version 1.44. -Moved hood mirror interior model to…


SCS Map Imrovements V1.1.260 [1.44]

SCS Map Imrovements V1.1.260 [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

Here is a short description of what has been done: – New semi-fake town “Middle Fork Valley” – Some part of “Mosquito Lake road” near Middle Fork Nooksack River. – A little bit improved unhidden road from Bellingham to Deepgrove company (some road signs were added or improved) – Road signs edited near Everett, WA…