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Bushel Plus

Bushel Plus for Farming Simulator 22

The Bushel Plus System is the authentic combine calibration system, designed to quantify your harvest loss by determining exactly how accurately your combine is calibrated. Every farmer’s goal is to maximize efficiency and minimize combined losses during harvest. We offer the most reliable and robust calibration system for the harvest industry – which makes our…

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Color Configurator V1.2

Color Configurator V1.2 for Farming Simulator 22

This mod allows you to personalize the color of your machine. You can set any color and material you like using a simple interface. Changelog Added color selector Added text fields for entering HSV color values Minor UI changes Changelog Fixed a UI issue on displays with aspect ratios other than 16:9 Fixed…

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Animal Food Overview V1.1

Animal Food Overview V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

With MaizePlus at the latest, it is no longer so easy to know which food types are contained in the respective food groups. With this MOD you can display the respective food groups and the food types contained in them per animal species. Update Separate dialog for the display of all mixture recipes Food…

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Faster Conveyor Belts

Faster Conveyor Belts for Farming Simulator 22

Speed Up Your Conveyor Belts! Tired of waiting for your trailer to fill up? This quality of life mod speeds up all the conveyor belts by a factor of 3 so you don’t have to wait around (as much) anymore. Works with all conveyor belts in the base game + dlc’s, but should also work…

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Twine Addon V2.0

Twine Addon V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog Reduced meter for every rolls from 6.000 meters to 3.000 meters Added new brands: John Deere This package add the management of the twine for square balers, you just need to enable the mod by adding the required information and following the text added inside the comments in the xml files present in…

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Trailer Assist V0.0.0.1

Trailer Assist V0.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Trailer Assist helps when maneuvering trailers With Alt+T you can switch the permanent mode of Trailer Assist, the default is off With Shift+T you activate the mode that brings the trailer in a certain direction if that is possible at all With Ctrl+T you activate the mode that controls the angle between the tractor and…

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Windyloads V0.0.5

Windyloads V0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

For all the friends of a more realistic play style. Some loads will be blown away by heavy winds when transported in open trailers or other vehicles. first implementation of particle system for blowing effect. See mod description for limitations bugfix of addSpecialization function in RegisterSpecialization.lua (line 80) added some more description text added possibility…

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Info Display Extension V1.5.1

Info Display Extension V1.5.1 for Farming Simulator 22

A small mod to extend the displays. Extended display for Platinum DLC roller coaster and boatyard (shortfall and remaining time) Extends the Info Hud displays of silos Productions (incl. the display in the production menu) animal sheeds dung heaps trees Corrects display errors of PF in the total score. Widened the info display. Corrects incorrect…

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