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When it comes to realistic driving games, nothing can beat the competency of physics offered by It offers several types of terrains along with several cars that help you get a completely unique simulation experience. However, if you’ve been playing this game for a long time, you may find the existing vehicles somewhat boring and wish there have been at least a couple of new rides in the game. Fortunately, with the help of BeamNG mods available, you can add a host of new cars to the game and take your driving simulation experience to a completely new level. There are various types of car mods available for BeamNG such as BMW, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, and a lot more. If you’re looking for a specific car, you can find that too. Moreover, you’ll find it extremely simple to install mods in your game and gain access to new cars quickly. The mods even provide the configurations of the particular car, which allows you to experiment with it a lot in your simulated world. So, make sure that you install your favorite cars through the variety of mods available at ModsHost.
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Valo City V0.77 [0.28]

Valo City V0.77 [0.28] for

This map is a direct port of the city “Valo” from the game Street Legal Racing: Redline. I started in November 2019 as a free time, however as I got less and less free time, progress slowed down and eventually stopped. Over the past 3 years, no work has been done on it (a lot…

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Nissan Silvia S13 [0.28]

Nissan Silvia S13 [0.28] for

20 configurations A lot of tuning PBR HD materials Removed unnecessary files Skins, body kits Sylvia C13, SUV, Roadster, Onevia working device opening doors trunk and hood inside and out High-quality salon The bottom and the space under the hood have been worked out Good damage.

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BMW X5 E53 [0.28]

BMW X5 E53 [0.28] for

❗️Medium quality Mod❗️ Modification Features: 10 configs 6 motors Your disks Edited skeleton Of The Minuses: Poor optics on dorest No logo on some discs Not the best 3D model Not the best 168 wheels

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Toyota Land Cruiser 100 [0.28]

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 [0.28] for

PBR Textures; Working appliance; Working hours; Animated wipers; Trunk opens (Openable); Working lights; There is your own engine; There is a bottom; Your skeleton (jbeam); Many variations of interior customization; 26 configurations.

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Dodge Challenger [Remake] Massive Update 3.0V [0.28]

Dodge Challenger [Remake] Massive Update 3.0V [0.28] for

Modification of the Dodge Challenger car mod for Bimka. Configurations have also been added (17 in total!). Corrections: All wheels are made 20 inches instead of 19; Fixed some broken textures in the interior; Added the SRT logo on the radiator grille; Sound update [starter sounds, engine sounds]; New Hatch [Improvements]; In the process of…

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11-23’Chrysler 300C 2.1 [0.28]

11-23’Chrysler 300C 2.1 [0.28] for

33 configurations (Comfort, Luxury, service station, etc.); Excellent model; Excellent JBeam; Great engine sound; Great damage; Excellent appearance; Excellent interior; Working sensors; Working signal lights. In Version 2.1: Adjusted the brightness of the light; Fixed glass textures; Fixed minor bugs; Fixed sensor lighting when the car light is on.

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Dodge Viper BIG DIP

Dodge Viper BIG DIP for

Dodge Viper Big Dip Oruby car mod for BeamNG There are configurations; Working lighting equipment; Your wheels; Good damage; Glass breaks; Well-developed engine; Good salon; Detailed exterior; Detailed interior. Game Version:

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