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Remote Mower

Remote Mower for Farming Simulator 22

Remote Mower For Having Fun While Cutting Grass. ➣ Price: 2000$ ➣ Top Speed: 60 KMH ➣ Working Width: 1 M ➣ Working Speed: 50 KMH ➣ 3 Cameras: – Outdoor Cam, Mower Cam, Player Cam ➣ Could Be Attached With Tension Belts ➲ To Use The Mower You Should “Enter Vehicle” Near The Controller…


John Deere 2280

John Deere 2280 for Farming Simulator 22

John Deere 2280 is a beautiful option for your farm, the grass cutting service is much faster with this equipment. John Deere 2280: Configurations: ✔ Rear weight ✔ Beacon ✔ Antenna ✔ Window color ✔ Filter ✔ Exhaust ✔ Colors in the cabin ✔ Interior ✔ Mirrors Price: $14500 Power: 80hp John Deere 300…


Scag Convesion

Scag Convesion for Farming Simulator 22

I converted another mod. If someone can make the mower work with controls please do. it doesnt mow. But its in game at least. Im starting to realize im going to have to fix the cameras.


SIP Silvercut Disc 300 F S-Flow

SIP Silvercut Disc 300 F S-Flow for Farming Simulator 22

The front disc mower SILVERCUT DISC F has its center of gravity very close to the tractor. The suspension with horizontal level compensation enables perfect ground adaptation, both on flat and steep terrain. Operation of the SILVERCUT DISC F is very simple. The construction is very robust and guarantees a long service life. ✔ Price:…


Ursus Kroz/1

Ursus Kroz/1 for Farming Simulator 22

Orchard mower that also functions as a mulcher. You can use it to trim the grass between the trees in your orchard and mulch the stubble. ✔ Price: 2.000 $ ✔ Working width: 1.8m ✔ Working speed: 12 kph ✔ Machine version configuration


Robert F2800

Robert F2800 for Farming Simulator 22

Features: ✔ Working width: 2.80M ✔ Price: 7200€ ✔ Working speed: 14 KM/H ✔ Required power: 75 hp ✔ Heavy duty steel profile frame ✔ Transmission by gearbox to each rotor ✔ Pivoting knives fixed in a bracket and provided with suction wings ✔ Circular knife holders requiring less power ✔ Cardan shaft with friction…