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Animal Food Factories

Animal Food Factories for Farming Simulator 22

Pack of factories to make your pig food and your mineral supplements, a point of sale for your productions Animal feed small factory: produce your own animal feed on the farm, cost €52,000. Collect your production on pallets or in bulk. Production: ✔ Pig food need sugarbeets, soybeen, sunflower, maise, potatoes, sorghum ✔ Mineral feed…


BKT Trailer- And Implementtires Packages

BKT Trailer- And Implementtires Packages for Farming Simulator 22

Included: FL630 Super FL630 Ultra FL639 (More Tirevariants will be added in future updates) Sizes: FL630 Super 560/60R22.5 580/65R22.5 600/50R22.5 600/55R22.5 600/55R26.5 650/55R26.5 650/65R26.5 710/50R26.5 750/60R26.5 650/65R30.5 750/60R30.5 FL630 Ultra 500/60R22.5 560/45R22.5 560/60R22.5 600/50R22.5 710/40R22.5 600/55R26.5 710/50R26.5 800/45R26.5 FL639 560/45R22.5 600/50R22.5 710/40R22.5 850/40R26.5


Fliegl Lowloader Pack

Fliegl Lowloader Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Fliegl Low Loader Pack Includes: ZTS 2-axle Low Loader DTS 3-axle Low Loader VTS 4-axle Low Loader FTS 5-axle Low Loader STS 3-axle Semi-Trailer Except for the 2 axle, all have a lift axle. Different shop configurations possible. Prices: ZTS from: 20,000 $ DTS from: 25,000 $ VTS from: 30,000 $ FTS from: 35,000…


Manure Mod Pack XXL V1.1

Manure Mod Pack XXL V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Included in the pack are 2 slurry manure vehicles in normal and in XXL capacity, with it there are 2 different attachments. # Colors selectable # Engine-config # Working speed increased # Capacity increased # MP-capable


Workshop Pack

Workshop Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Pack With Several Workshops: Workshop with driveway. Price: 10000 $ Maintenance: 50 $ per day Workshop service. Price: 5000 $ Maintenance: 10 $ per day Small workshop. Price: 1500 $ Maintenance: 1 $ per day  


Rauunisemms Pack

Rauunisemms Pack for Farming Simulator 22

This package contains two Rau Sicam Unisem seed drills: MS4 and MS6. These seed drills have a seed spacing of 75 cm, which is ideal for sowing maize. Maximum speed: 12km / h Possibility to add fertilizer while sowing. Rau Sicam Unisem MS4: Working width: 3m Transport width 3m10 Price: 2,500 € Rau Sicam Unisem…


Väderstad Spirit 300 Pack

Väderstad Spirit 300 Pack for Farming Simulator 22

What Can The Pack Do? Everything was a seed drill so it should be able to What Is Included In The Pack? 1x homemade front tank in Väderstad design 1x Spirit 300 S with hoses for front tank 1x Spirit 300 SD with tubing for front tank and fertilizer function! ! The Spirit’s seed tank…


Mod Pack 14 By Stevie

Mod Pack 14 By Stevie for Farming Simulator 22

Unzip the downloaded file and place the mod zips inside into your mods folder. Mods included may replace and previously released versions with updates.. Included Mods: Big Bud 450, Big Bud 747, Anderson A700, Anderson 7200, Anderson TSR3450, ArmaTrac 1104, Brochard EV2200, Gregoire Besson SPL9, Terminator 18, Holmer Pack, Kverneland Monopil 24, Primor 15070, Salford…