Fallout 76 Mods

If you’re looking for Fallout 76 mods, you’re in the right place. Fallout 76 is a first person role playing shooter developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is the ninth mainline instalment in the Fallout series, but unlike its predecessors, it places a great focus on online and multiplayer gameplay, featuring persistent and shared-world mechanics similar to games like Destiny and The Division. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Fallout76 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.

Mountain Scout Uniform

Mountain Scout Uniform for Fallout 76

Replaces Vault Survivor Outfit and Hood with Mountain Scout Uniform and Goggles. If you started playing Fallout 76 after the release of Wastelanders you’re missing out on two very cool pieces of apparel, the Mountain Scout Uniform and Mountain Scout Goggles; which I now bring to you. Using this mod requires obtaining a high rank…


Vault Girl Interface

Vault Girl Interface for Fallout 76

Replace of Vault Boy UI with Vault Girl About This mod implement Vault Girl UI mod from Fallout 4 “Vault Girl Mod” to Fallout 76, all credits should go to original author bigCman123. Vault Boy Pipboy UI has been changed to Vault Girl in most parts (Status, SPECIAL, Inventory and Body conditions). Original mod is…


Event Notifications

Event Notifications for Fallout 76

Features: Displays new world event notifications on the HUD as they become available. Installation Guide MANUAL INSTALLATION: Extract the EventNotifications.ba2 file to your Fallout 76 Data folder (default: C:Program Files (x86)Bethesda.net LaunchergamesFallout76Data) Navigate to your Fallout 76 settings folder in “My Games” (default: %USERPROFILE%DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76) If this is your first mod, extract the optional…


Glowing Meatpiles

Glowing Meatpiles for Fallout 76

This MOD makes Meat Piles glow 1 of 4 colours and 2 different glow types. I found while I was doing a nuke event that I could not find the bodies of the legendary enemies I had killed as they had all turned into Meat Piles. Meat Piles are almost impossible to see during the…


Text Chat (NOW With Clans)

Text Chat (NOW With Clans) for Fallout 76

Allows players to communicate with text chat through clan chat, global chat, trade chat, party chat, group chat and local proximity chat. Terms of Use By using the Text Chat mod you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use Text…


Optimum Reshade

Optimum Reshade for Fallout 76

OPTIMUM RESHADE – Fallout 76 Improves the visual appearance, makes the game a little less colorful. Lighter and less blurry, eliminating the washing effect. More apocalyptic. LOVE IT. My preset is personal and I want to share it. You will notice that the game becomes a bit colorless but that is in line with the…


Ore Glow

Ore Glow for Fallout 76

This is another from my custom glow set, since there seems to be a desire for it outside of my own personal need. It adds a custom glow texture to ore veins since I found them painstakingly hard to efficiently locate. Last config changes Patch 10 (updated June 10) Due to the increased volatility of…


Better Inventory

Better Inventory for Fallout 76

Save your sanity trying to survive! Filter your AID tab for Food and Water, see the combined weight of item stacks, and view your inventory weight for each tab so you know which category is weighing you down. Better Inventory Always over-encumbered but don’t know where your weight is coming from? Dying of hunger/thirst because…


Improved Health Bars

Improved Health Bars for Fallout 76

Adds a visual segmentation to the health bar as well as an HP percentage indicator to better manage health-based mutations, perks, and armor effects. Features Visual indication of 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% marks of the health bar. Adds an indicator to the health bar which displays your current HP percentage. Installation Guide MANUAL INSTALLATION:…