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If you’re looking for Fallout 76 mods, you’re in the right place. Fallout 76 is a first person role playing shooter developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is the ninth mainline instalment in the Fallout series, but unlike its predecessors, it places a great focus on online and multiplayer gameplay, featuring persistent and shared-world mechanics similar to games like Destiny and The Division. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Fallout76 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.

Crusader Pistol With NO BOS Markings

Crusader Pistol With NO BOS Markings for Fallout 76

A small mod that changes Crusaider’s Pistol appearance to not have BOS markings. So I am not a fan of any kind of faction markings on gear so I just removed it. Installation Put “Crusader_Pistol_NoBOSMarkings.ba2” from the archive to your “Data” folder, then add “Crusader_Pistol_NoBOSMarkings.ba2” to your “sResourceArchive2List =” line from “Fallout76Custom.ini” so it should…

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Pirate Ship With A View

Pirate Ship With A View for Fallout 76

Removes some of the dirty glass on the Pirate ship’s portholes making it easier to see This modifies both of the pirate ships to remove the dirty glass from the windows, giving you a somewhat of a view Note This is purely a visual change, the original collision is still there, so no running wires…

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Whitesprings Bunker Vault Door Remover

Whitesprings Bunker Vault Door Remover for Fallout 76

Removes the Vault Door in the Whitesprings Bunker so you don’t have to wait for it to open. Installation Add “sResourceIndexFileList=NoWhiteSpringsVaultDoor.ba2” in Fallout76Custom.ini or add “,NoWhiteSpringsVaultDoor.ba2” to the end of “sResourceIndexFileList”

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Combat Shotgun And Combat Rifle Replacer

Combat Shotgun And Combat Rifle Replacer for Fallout 76

Replaces the combat shotgun and combat rifle with custom models, this mod first started as a replacer for the combat rifle, but since almost 4 weapons share the models with the combat rifle, it was necessary to replace the combat shotgun as well. At the moment all skins have the same texture, if I find…

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Backpack With Attached Handmade

Backpack With Attached Handmade for Fallout 76

Backpack Handmade Attachment This mod replaces the standard backpack model with a model of the backpack that has a handmade with folded stock attached to it. Note: This mod will get updates with a few more gun variations in the future so stay tuned! Big thanks to Brainstormepilog who did help me in the creation…

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Rikintosh’s Radio (Lore Friendly)

Rikintosh’s Radio (Lore Friendly) for Fallout 76

I’m developing this mod to be the number 1 music replacement mod from FO76. I did a lot of research and I’m looking to put only lore friendly music. Jukeboxes: Removed all boring classical music. Originally the jukebox only had 8 holotapes with one boring song each. I replaced it with 8 holotapes with 3…

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Workbench Quick FIX

Workbench Quick FIX for Fallout 76

Tired of inspecting a weapon or armor first just to repair it at a workbench? Fear no more! This mod splits the Inspect/Repair button at workbenches into two separate buttons for Repair and Inspect for quicker access to repairing weapons and armor. If you want to use a repair kit to repair instead, you can…

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Nuka Friend Fridge With A View

Nuka Friend Fridge With A View for Fallout 76

Cleans the glass of the Nuka Friendship Fridge Display This modifies the glass of the Nuka Friendship Fridge display to be clean rather than the pixelated “frost”? How? This didn’t require any nif edits, purely textures Note Bottles in screenshots are part of the Radiance (glow) portion from Radrose 76 Ultra-High-Definition Overhaul Thanks to the…

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