FS22 Manure mods

Get the best FS22 manure and explore the endless possibilities for your game. Download all your favorite Farming Simulator 22 manure mods in a free, easy-to-use website. We know what you want and we're going to give it to you!

Farmtech Polycis 1550

Farmtech Polycis 1550 for Farming Simulator 22

▶️ Working width: 15 M ▶️ Power Required: 165 Ch ▶️ Tank capacity: 25600 L 💡 Caliz is a slurry treatment process patented by the Pigeon Lime Group. The patent concerns the method of adding the reagent to the slurry pits. The dry reagent added to the slurry provides them with a quality of basic…


Lizard SV3

Lizard SV3 for Farming Simulator 22

Manure spreader for grapes and olives Price: 12000 € Max. working speed: 15 kph Working width: 3.6 m



Zjv-F-3.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Tanks transport liquids. Manufacturer: Lizard Model: ZJV-F-3.0 Capacity: 3000l Price: 2730 € Color Configuration: ✔ Main color ✔ Rim color Configuration Parts: ✔ Wheels selection ✔ Fenders: yes/no ✔ Hose selection


Marxen ST Güllebomber Pack

Marxen ST Güllebomber Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Marxen ST 2.20: Price: 120.000$ Capacity: 20.000l Needed Power: 220hp Marxen ST 3.25: Price: 142.000$ Capacity: 25.000l Needed Power: 250hp Marxen ST 3.35: Price: 202.500$ Capacity: 35.000l Needed Power: 300hp


Bomech Pack

Bomech Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Bomech Multi 21/15: ✔ Price: 69.500 € ✔ Working width: 15 m / 21 m ✔ Max. working speed: 16 kph ✔ Section control Bomech Multi 4XL: ✔ Price: 104.000 € ✔ Working width: 24 m / 30 m ✔ Max. working speed: 16 kph ✔ Section control Bomech TracPack: ✔ Price: 62.000 € ✔…


Slurry Shuttle

Slurry Shuttle for Farming Simulator 22

This old oil tanker with a capacity of 16500 liters, has been used as a liquid manure carrier for a few years. It can be used to transport liquid manure from the farm to the field. Due to its age, it is a relatively cheap option for small to medium-sized farms. Price: 12840 $…