FS22 Save Game Mods

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Niemandsland Savegame (Norddeutscher Stil)

Niemandsland Savegame (Norddeutscher Stil) for Farming Simulator 22

My conversion is finally complete and I want YOU to be part of it! The map is completely flat and somewhat in the North German style! You would only have to download a pair of mods ! At the bottom of the pictures are all! Except for the curb package, which can be obtained from…


Erlengrat Forestry (Save Game)

Erlengrat Forestry (Save Game) for Farming Simulator 22

If you like the view of Erlengrat map (Alpine) and at the same time you like to do forestry then this simple file will turn your Erlengrat map to a perfect place for forestry. I planted more than 2000 full grown spruce tree in the West of the map and I…


Spring Map Savegame

Spring Map Savegame for Farming Simulator 22

So here now my new savegame for Singelplayer or Multiplayer! You take over eien wood operation but was converted to a farm. I have The map “Spring” on Savegame basis Strongly changed (Not the map) It Wurden many trees Entfehrnt, Also fields were slightly Bearbeitet. New start yard + More yards…


Savegame Gemeinde Rade

Savegame Gemeinde Rade for Farming Simulator 22

The LS22 community Rade is a German map. Map Details: ✔ There are 49 fields the size is from small to large. ✔ There are several forest areas on the map. ✔ There is a “main courtyard” and various open spaces for other courtyards or productions. ✔ Only one fixed point of sale is placed,…


Bauer Group V87 – 107

Bauer Group V87 – 107 for Farming Simulator 22

Capacity: 8700l, 9700l, 10700l Power requirement: 100 hp Own weight: 2.5t Spreading width: 15m Working speed: 16km/h Basic price without additional equipment: €21,400 Configurations: Brand choice of the Bauer Group Company (Bauer, BSA, Eckart) Bauer Group Company rim color choice Capacity choice (8700l – 9700l – 10700l) Large selection of tires from all well-known manufacturers…


Milchviebetrieb Gruber (Erlengrat Savegame)

Milchviebetrieb Gruber (Erlengrat Savegame) for Farming Simulator 22

Erlengrat Savegame with a small dairy farm good bye This is my savegame of the Erlengrat Map. There are 20 dairy cows and 25 sheep on this farm. There is also a pasture with 15 cows (young cattle). Some meadows as well as some forest are owned. There is no shortage of vehicles either. I…


Schuitemaker Robusta 84

Schuitemaker Robusta 84 for Farming Simulator 22

The Duport PTW 12500 is a relatively simple single axle tank which has been specially developed for farmers and contractors. The simple construction in combination with a worm pump and a rear hitch makes this an excellent machine for the farmer who wants to spread slurry himself. Duport is a well-known brand from Dedemsvaart, Netherlands….