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John Deere 7×30 Series

John Deere 7×30 Series for Farming Simulator 22

Engine configuration (7730-7830-7930) (With PowerQuad, AutoQuad, AutoPower) (Fully animated broadcasts) Wheel Brand Configuration (Trelleborg-Mitas-Continental-Michelin-BKT-Vredestein-Nokian) Wheel configuration (Standard Wheel Weights – Rear Twin Wheels – Narrow – Narrow Rear Twin Wheels – Narrow Dual Wheels) Front attachment configuration (Bracket – 300kg – 500kg – 700kg – 900kg – 1000kg – 1150kg – Front Hydraulic) SCV configuration…

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John Deere 8R 2018 Beta

John Deere 8R 2018 Beta for Farming Simulator 22

I Made Convert And Edit: Convert from FS19 with a clean log and no errors! Power: 290-450 hp Maximum speed: 53 km/h Configurations: Zurn Warn Steering knob Tires Lanterns GPS antenna Rug Engine Configurations: 8245R (290HP) 8295R (342 hp) 8345R (394 hp) 8400R (450HP) SIMPLE IC, REAL SOUND.

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John Deere 7030 Series

John Deere 7030 Series for Farming Simulator 22

Again, a big thank you to my friend MO6R Modding for giving me permission for using his amazing model of 7020 Series, for my 7030 Series. Motor Configuration (7730-7830-7930) (With PowerQuad, AutoQuad, AutoPower) (Fully animated transmissions) Wheel brand Configuration (Trelleborg-Mitas-Continental-Michelin-BKT-Vredestein-Nokian) Wheels Configuration (Standard-Wheel weights-Twin Back Wheels-Narrow-Narrow Twin Back Wheels-Narrow Twin Wheels) Front Attacher Configuration (Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-1150kg-Front…

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John Deere RTK Stations

John Deere RTK Stations for Farming Simulator 22

RTK station provides your vehicles with a better GPS signal. This helps your AI helpers to drive more precisely and do their work faster. This pack offers you 3 options for how and where to place your RTK station. 1 standalone RTK station with its own antenna so it can be placed anywhere on the…

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John Deere STS 70 Series V1.0.0.1

John Deere STS 70 Series V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

This is John Deere STS Americanized 70 Series from 2007 – 2010. Changelog Improvement of the 3D model Bugs fixed Added national flag stickers Price: 162000 $ Performance: All STS 70 Series motor Configurations (230HP – 410HP) Category: Combine Harvester Capacity: 10603L – 15855L Configurations: Wheels Tank Extensions Engine Exhaust Pipe Tire Brand Numbers…

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John Deere S600 Series V1.0.0.2

John Deere S600 Series V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog LSW 1100, 1250 and 1400 Floaters Configurations, Flag Configurations added (USA, Australia, Brazil and Canada), More realistic safety labels for North America versions, Normal maps improvements, Flexible hoses for GPS foldable Monitor, Flexible hoses for PowerCast tailboard Bug fixes. Price: 216000 $ Performance: 473HP – 625HP Category: Combine Harvester Capacity: 14100 L –…

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John Deere Barge BOX

John Deere Barge BOX for Farming Simulator 22

This John Deere gravity wagon was built from scratch by farmers. John Deere made these running gears and sold them by the bunch years ago to many companies for them to put things on. Some farmers were able to buy the wagons themselves though and make their own equipment. Price: 4500$ Extension Price: 25$ Capacity:…

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John Deere S700 Series Combines

John Deere S700 Series Combines for Farming Simulator 22

John Deere S-Series combines – S760, S770, S780, S790. “It’s time to Harvest. Smarter.” A combine derives its name from what it does: combine three separate harvesting steps — reaping, threshing and winnowing — into one. Our new S-Series combines do that and much more. They match the best harvesting capabilities with smart technology to…

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