Kemper Studie 2020 V1.0.0.1

Kemper Studie 2020 V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

With a working width of 15 m, the Haecksln has plenty of space for your downhill skiers. Here now, after months of work, the Haecksl intent Kemper study 2020 converted from the LS19 (original from Agrartechnik Nordeifel in the LS19). Works fast with 15m working width, with enough space for your downhillers. Yes, there…


Fast Filling Tanks

Fast Filling Tanks for Farming Simulator 22

Fast Filling Tanks This mod increases the filling speed of water, diesel, liquid fertilizer and herbicide tanks. Ideal for fast filling of large capacity tanker trailers. ✔ Water Tank: Price: 3.000€. Placeable category: Containers ✔ Diesel Tank: Price: 15.500€. Placeable category: Containers ✔ Liquid Fertilizer And Herbicide Tank: Price: 15.400€ Price: 15.400 Placeable category: Containers


Service Pickup 2017

Service Pickup 2017 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 45.000€ Power: 221KW/300CV Max Speed: 120 Km/h Features: ✔ Colour configurations ✔ Led bar ✔ Beacons ✔ 2 Attacher Types (Back Attacher, Gooseneck) ✔ Transport And Storage: Palets (Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime) Liquid Tanks (Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, Water, Milk) Diesel Tank You can carry up to three different types of products on pallets and tanks….


Bjornholm Map

Bjornholm Map for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome back to the majestic land of Bjornholm! Experience farming like it was in 2015 and enjoy nordic climate. I kept original buildings and deleted premade farms with animals to make space for online farms for your friends, tightened dirt roads and removed some. I’ve also added some trees, new dates for planting and harvesting…


BEE Hive Trailer

BEE Hive Trailer for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 26000€ Upkeep: 0€ Liters Honey Per Day: 155l Action Radius 150m. The mode uses the original script, so as with bees from the game, you need to get a trigger to generate honey pallets.


Seeds Addon

Seeds Addon for Farming Simulator 22

Added different types of seeds for each of the crops. These seeds can only be used with the seeders contained in this pack. The seeding can only be changed if the configuration of the seeder is changed. Big Bag Pallet: Seed of: barley, canola, cotton, grass, maize, oat, oilseed radish, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeet, sunflowers,…


VIP Order Manager V1.1

VIP Order Manager V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The VIP Order Manager offers the farmer VIP orders consisting of several products to be delivered. For each product with explicit specification of the quantity to be delivered and the destination. In addition to the current VIP order, the next three VIP orders to follow can also be seen. However, only the current order can…