MF Radio Beta

MF Radio Beta for Farming Simulator 22

You want a decent radio in Farming Simulator 22 “RIGHT NOW”? No problem, because we offer it to you. At the moment there is only one station that broadcasts house as well as future house, bass house and techno. Other radio stations will appear in the near future. The radio stations are considered in the…

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Lizard P310 V1.2

Lizard P310 V1.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog Corrected camera (Transtora with Crane); Fixed Agricultural Plank Physics; Added Custom Horn. Hello Virtual Farmers, I bring you one more truck that allows you to customize your favorite way and have fun with the diversities included. Along with the truck you have a attachable body with some options, such as a bale loader…

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Burning Gamers Weight

Burning Gamers Weight for Farming Simulator 22

A small lightweight This is the Burning Gamers weight from the LS19 and I put it in the LS22. A suitable weight for the BG Deutz ArgoStar 6.61, but it also fits all other tractors. Mod is suitable for multiplayer. Technical Specifications: Burning gamer’s weight Shop menu: Devices –> Weights Price: 1500 € Weight: 1800KG…

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Strom AUS Holz Pack V1.0.0.1

Strom AUS Holz Pack V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Wood evaporator and poplar header (E-Line Design) Electricity can now be picked up with the trailer! With the wood evaporator, you can generate electricity from “wood chips”. Acquisition 160k “Keep”, “Distribute” or “Direct sale” are also possible! Poplar header in E-Line with 18km/h working speed! Please Unpack The .rar! Did you want To Share The…

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Srk-14B for Farming Simulator 22

Discover the mixing bowl SRK-14V from HOSZAYIN for small and medium farms. With door and/or 17 m3 belt distribution, the SRK-14V adapts to your farm and features high efficiency and mixing speed with minimal energy consumption. Capacity: 17000 l Unloading side: left or right, left and right, front or rear (option) Number of augers: 2…

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DT-75 Kazakhstan V1.0.0.1

DT-75 Kazakhstan V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Added dumps; Audio format has been converted to gls; Brand change to Rostselmash. Power: 66 kW / 90 hp; Speed: 12 km/h; Capacity of a fuel tank: 430 l.; Price: 7 550 €; Choice of primary color; Counterweight configuration; Headlight configuration; Fire extinguisher configuration; License plate configuration; Adjustable hitch; Animated devices; Working lighting equipment; Leaves…

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Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.5

Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to the Iowa Plains View. Changelog V1.0.0.5: Fixed BGA bale trigger. Changed road textures. New savegame is not required The map is based on terrain in the State of Iowa,US, but has been modified to fit the gameplay i like and will not represent any particular place or city. This map is standard size…

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Huard/Kuhn Master 120

Huard/Kuhn Master 120 for Farming Simulator 22

Pack of rotary 3,4 and 5 furrows plows. The Mod Has: Maximum working speed: 12kph. Huard and Kuhn brand selection. Configuration of pre-plows. Configuration of new and used version Animation of setting the first furrow. Width Configurations: 3 Furrows: Working Width 1.1m Price: $16000 Required power: 70HP Mass:900kg 4 Furrows: Price: $19500 Working Width 1.45m…

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