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Diamond REO Royale II

Diamond REO Royale II for Farming Simulator 22

Truck from 1973-74, Diamond Reo Royale 2, powered by a detroit 2 stroke v8, couple wheel option, fender option, sunvisor option, you can have it with the skin the model came with when I bought it or you can paint it. I tried the new loop synthesis tool from Giant for the truck sound, it…


Kenworth W900

Kenworth W900 for Farming Simulator 22

This is the Expendables Kenworth W900 that I converted to Farming Sim 22 with the permission from the Expendables! Converted with permission from The Expandables.


Autoloader Transport Pack V0.1.2

Autoloader Transport Pack V0.1.2 for Farming Simulator 22

The Freisenjung Transport Pack known from the 19 converted to the 22. My autoloader for pallets and bales has been integrated here. The first version here is a pure conversion. This means that everything that the original pack did not have, this one does not have either. This includes e.g. indicator lights inside. As these…


Kenworth W990 Flattop

Kenworth W990 Flattop for Farming Simulator 22

This is our W990 we released the end of Farm Sim 19 had converted to 22 Since there’s been alot of traffic for my 990 this was the one we released in FS19 at the end no its not the same as in my pictures but it functions hooks to trailers has lights…


Scania Streamline

Scania Streamline for Farming Simulator 22

Hello Virtual Farmers, Today I bring you a truck with several options for you to customize it to your liking! It is a South American style truck, but we put some options to be similar to the style of other countries, we want to please everyone! StreamLine: ✔ Optional Engine (hp): 530, 590, 660, 700,…



FSC ŻUK V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ The Mod Has: ✔ gearboxes ✔ simple IC ✔ sounds and more it slips a bit, so be careful the wheels are a bit poorly made you need an IC to open the sides!