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Krampe BIG Body KS900

Krampe BIG Body KS900 for Farming Simulator 22

The all-rounder for efficient off-road and on-road truck transport! In use with LoF tractors and large-volume low-pressure tires, the off-road semitrailer is a real alternative to conventional transport. The semitrailer can “in-between” also be used with a tractor and a dolly ideally as a buffer vehicle flexibly and cost-effectively. And it does so with a…

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Krampe Bandit 751 Terra Trac

Krampe Bandit 751 Terra Trac for Farming Simulator 22

Animated scroll tape with sound TerraTrac chain drive with trailing axle function TerraTrac “Cross” chain drive variant with trailing axle function Crochet flap over left click to open and close LED RUL’s License plate with lighting Color choice for body, rims, or chain drive Sounds when loading and unloading FillLevel display on both sides Fill…

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Landbauer HP20

Landbauer HP20 for Farming Simulator 22

The “Landbauer HP20” is a conversion of the Krampe model HP20. The half-trough trailer was equipped with additional attachments and the values ​​(weight and transport volume according to ISO 7546) were adapted to the original. It has a Landbauer Edition color choice for individual design, optionally with a logo and reflective strips. It also has…

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Krampe 750S

Krampe 750S for Farming Simulator 22

Color choice and capacity selection Added a color and capacity selector for both versions. lol (once in Michelin design and once in Krampe design) pillepalle The structures hold 20000L, 40000L, 60000L and 80000L.

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