FS22 Joskin mods

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Joskin Trans-Space 7000

Joskin Trans-Space 7000 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Capacity configurations: 20530L ✔ 23450L ✔ 26290L ✔ 25850L ✔ 25850L ✔ Wheels configurations: Trelleborg X3 ✔ Michelin X2 ✔ Nokian X1 ✔ Ladder control with mouse ✔ Back door control with mouse (Can not empty the trailer) ✔ Real hydraulics hoses: 2 hydraulics ✔ 2 pneumatics ✔ 1 electric ✔ Adding a real…


Joskin Wago Loader

Joskin Wago Loader for Farming Simulator 22

This is a trailer for vehicle transport and other stuff. The Trailer is made by Joskin. It has an option to open/close its back ramp with mouse or gamepad. It is optional to transport other bigger vehicle. Price: 8500 €


Joskin Modulo2

Joskin Modulo2 for Farming Simulator 22

Joskin Modulo2 from LS19 converted. Container reduced to 12000l. Suspension of the axle added. Texture is not perfect because it has shifted due to editing in the Blender and I am not familiar with it.


Joskin Drakkar Pack

Joskin Drakkar Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Joskin Drakkar 6600 Price: 50000€ Capacity: 28.000l-29.500l Joskin Drakkar 7600 Price: 52000€ Capacity: 33.000l-34.500l Joskin Drakkar 8600 Price: 59000€ Capacity: 37.000l-38.500l Joskin Drakkar 9600 Price: 72500€ Capacity: 41.000l-42.500l Wheel Configurations: Trelleborg Michelin BKT Vredestein