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Joskin ST8000D12

Joskin ST8000D12 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: €9,500 Configuration: Forage, license plate, 25-40 km/h approval Forage price: €1,500 – Approval price 25-40 km/h: €1,000 0 log error Thanks to ditch for the permissions.

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Joskin Cargo Pack

Joskin Cargo Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Joskin Cargo Pack Contains: –Cargo Trailer: Price: 27.000 € ✔ Color configuration. ✔ Wheel configuration. –Joskin Trans Cargo: Price: 35.000 € Capacity: 29.000l / 31.000l / 33.000l ✔ Color configuration. –Joskin Drakkar Cargo: Price: 42.000 € Capacity: 47.000l / 48.500l ✔ Cover configuration. ✔ Color configuration. –Joskin Ferti Cargo: Price: 41.500 € Capacity: 32000l…

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Joskin Trans-Space 7000

Joskin Trans-Space 7000 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Capacity configurations: 20530L ✔ 23450L ✔ 26290L ✔ 25850L ✔ 25850L ✔ Wheels configurations: Trelleborg X3 ✔ Michelin X2 ✔ Nokian X1 ✔ Ladder control with mouse ✔ Back door control with mouse (Can not empty the trailer) ✔ Real hydraulics hoses: 2 hydraulics ✔ 2 pneumatics ✔ 1 electric ✔ Adding a real…

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Joskin Wago Loader

Joskin Wago Loader for Farming Simulator 22

This is a trailer for vehicle transport and other stuff. The Trailer is made by Joskin. It has an option to open/close its back ramp with mouse or gamepad. It is optional to transport other bigger vehicle. Price: 8500 €

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