FS22 Maps mods

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Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to Southern Cross Station, this is a fictional place based in NSW, Australia. Map Contains: ✔ Climate change to reflect Australian seasons ✔ 6 sell points ✔ 8 production points ✔ 28 fields ranging from small to large I hope you enjoy the map


Gelderland Map

Gelderland Map for Farming Simulator 22

This is a Dutch map based on a province called Gelderland. ✔ 81 Fields ✔ 4 Sales points ✔ A small BGA ✔ Custom made license plates ✔ Custom Textures ✔ Custom Colorgrading ✔ 5 Farms I hope you like the map. Have fun. Required Mods: ✔ Placeable Dairy Farm Package (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy) ✔ Old…


Bjornholm Map

Bjornholm Map for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome back to the majestic land of Bjornholm! Experience farming like it was in 2015 and enjoy nordic climate. I kept original buildings and deleted premade farms with animals to make space for online farms for your friends, tightened dirt roads and removed some. I’ve also added some trees, new dates for planting and harvesting…


Somerset Farms V1.1.1.1

Somerset Farms V1.1.1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Wellcome guys have fun. ✔ All animals are built into as placeables ✔ Please check before taking models from map as Lancyboi made few of them and need permission to use them ✔ Full season support with grazing ✔ Custom lighting ✔ Animated objects ✔ Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures ✔ Cow farm…



Malinovka for Farming Simulator 22

🏞The “Malinovka” map was created on a fictional terrain, adhering to the Russian terrain and landscapes of Central Russia. 📝About The Card: 32 fields 64 plots 4 settlements 3 livestock farms 8 productions 7 selling points 🆕 Extras: Additional culture Timofeevka Lugovaya, Lucerne Local harvest calendar Climate of Central Russia ✔ Weed and cleaned grain…


Royalton MN

Royalton MN for Farming Simulator 22

I am deciding to release my Royalton map for you all to have. It was made by me a little while back for me and my friends to enjoy so if you want to get it from me and not some puke who decides to leak it here ya go. Wanna give credit where its…


Osiek Map

Osiek Map for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, everybody. The map Osiek is a conversion of the map from FS19 with some minor changes and additions so that it works correctly in FS22. The custom 4x card includes everything FS22 offers and additional plants such as rye, triticale, millet and spelt. Lots of forests, 131 fields, 210 farmlands, all basic…


Schwansen Map

Schwansen Map for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome To Schwansen! This is a fictional map, it was created in LS19 but never published. There are 34 medium-sized squares. A large piece of forest for forestry work. Lots of free space for productions. The starting yard is completely customizable. The Giants AI helper is supported. Errors and suggestions for improvement are…