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PIT Mechanical Parking

PIT Mechanical Parking for Farming Simulator 22

Pit Mechanical Parking To Save Space And Park All Your Small Vehicles For A Better Installation: LEVEL the ground Before INSTALLING the parking Don’t ROTATE the parking while installing The parking has 6 different screens. Each platform has 2 screens(moving the platforms is cleared using images on the screens and in the in-game HELP MENU)…

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Herbicide Production

Herbicide Production for Farming Simulator 22

This is the herbicide production with which you can produce your own herbicide but also the required lime. Info Herbicide Production: Construction costs: 170.000 $ Maintenance per day: 120 $ Fruits required: rapeseed, manure, potatoes and lime Capacity per fruit: 100.000 L Cycles per hour: 2 Cost per hour: 20 $

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Butcher V1.0.0.3

Butcher V1.0.0.3 for Farming Simulator 22 Economy of production adapted to real butchery ModHub release Input volume increased for pig, sheep and chicken Input mass increased for cow, pig, sheep and chicken Due to the production of meat, the value per animal is now twice as high as a direct sale at the stable The butcher’s shop processes…

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Multifruchtsilo XXL V1.6

Multifruchtsilo XXL V1.6 for Farming Simulator 22

Feed Production renamed to Multi Production. Multi production now not only produces mixed rations, pig feed, mineral feed, silage additives but also fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, seeds, lime and diesel. Store icon changed from feed production to multi production. Liquid discharge pipe placed on the multi production. Added placeable fillable gas station including store icon….

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