FS22 Placeable Objects mods

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Tartak ( Sawmill )

Tartak ( Sawmill ) for Farming Simulator 22

pl: TARTAK Do pracy fabryka potrzebuje: Drewno Fabryka Ta Posiada Produkcje: 1. Drewno = Deski + Wióry 2. Drewno = Kantówki + Wióry 3. Drewno = Wióry 4. Drewno = Żywica 5. Drewno = Deski + Kantówki + Wióry + Żywica en: SAWMILL To work, the factory requires: Wood This Factory Has The Following Productions:…


Animal Food Factories

Animal Food Factories for Farming Simulator 22

Pack of factories to make your pig food and your mineral supplements, a point of sale for your productions Animal feed small factory: produce your own animal feed on the farm, cost €52,000. Collect your production on pallets or in bulk. Production: ✔ Pig food need sugarbeets, soybeen, sunflower, maise, potatoes, sorghum ✔ Mineral feed…


Bale Storages

Bale Storages for Farming Simulator 22

Storage for round and square bales Round bale storage: hay, straw, grass and silage. Costs each: 50.000 € daily costs: 50 € Quarder bale storage: hay, straw, grass and silage Costs in each case: 50,000 € daily costs: 50 € Tarpaulins as well as roof with choice of colour.


Square Slurry Storage

Square Slurry Storage for Farming Simulator 22

The square, practical and good design saves a lot of space. Unfortunately however, the liquid manure storage has a lower filling volume compared to a round one. Price: 32,000 $ filling volume: 150000L Category: Silos Daily maintenance: 14 $


Christmas Market

Christmas Market for Farming Simulator 22

This Package includes Sellingstations and decorative objects for creating a Christmas Market. Christmas Tree Sale: ✔ 3 different tree stands with different trees ✔ A Christmas tree funnel: Is needed in reality to pack trees. Here in the game it’s just decoration ✔ Two sheds: These simulate a place for storing different devices, etc. The…