FS22 Placeable Objects mods

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Windmills Pack

Windmills Pack for Farming Simulator 22

A package of windmills based on a real windmill, which was built in 1755. Package Includes: Windmill with power generator function price: 50,000 euro, income per hour: 2,000 euros. Windmill with the function of a mill price: EUR 70,000, converts grains into flour.


Fast Filling Tanks

Fast Filling Tanks for Farming Simulator 22

Fast Filling Tanks This mod increases the filling speed of water, diesel, liquid fertilizer and herbicide tanks. Ideal for fast filling of large capacity tanker trailers. ✔ Water Tank: Price: 3.000€. Placeable category: Containers ✔ Diesel Tank: Price: 15.500€. Placeable category: Containers ✔ Liquid Fertilizer And Herbicide Tank: Price: 15.400€ Price: 15.400 Placeable category: Containers


LAC 58X50 Shop

LAC 58X50 Shop for Farming Simulator 22

Workshop trigger inside the pit (which also allows color customization) Attached Cold Storage separated by a roll gate. Fully functional Pressure Washer on the wall. (Huge shout out to ThundR, TPF, and Louisiana Mapping as it took all of us to make this come to life!)