FS22 Ponsse mods

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Ponsse Buffalo (Autoload Wood)

Ponsse Buffalo (Autoload Wood) for Farming Simulator 22

This is a set of two forestry forwarders (with and without a loading crane). Both forwarders are equipped with autoloading wood functions. ✔ Price: 225000 € 200000 € ✔ Power: 286 HP ✔ Max. speed: 23 km/h ✔ Wheels configurations ✔ Autoload script sorts tree logs to the piles ✔ You can change the…


Ponsse Cobra 12 Meter Cutting Length

Ponsse Cobra 12 Meter Cutting Length for Farming Simulator 22

Here I have for you the original Ponsse Cobra. With the small difference that this one can cut logs up to 12 meters long. For LS 22 I would like you the mod of course not withhold. 🙂 Naturally multiplayer capable.


Ponsse Scorpionking

Ponsse Scorpionking for Farming Simulator 22

Ponsse ScorpionKing Cutting lengths up to 25 meters in 0.5 m steps Processor head tiltable and control for gripping Various tires, including chains Rear protection in old and new version Windshield grille Sun visors Color choice for vehicle, cab, harvester head and rims Trailer coupling functional Transport position Cab interior lighting Position lights Selectable bogie…


Ponsse Cobra

Ponsse Cobra for Farming Simulator 22

Ponsse Cobra with small changes ✔ max.cutting length 20m ✔ Slightly increased radius of the maximum trunk thickness that can be felled ✔ manually swiveling cutting head ✔ manual gripper function