FS22 MAN mods

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Holaras Jumbo

Holaras Jumbo for Farming Simulator 22

The Holaras Jumbo is built by the Dutch manufacturer Hoopman Machines. This Holaras Jumbo silagedistributor was built in 1989. The Jumbo silagedistributor series is still being built today. Shop category: levelers Price: 7500 $ Required power: 70 hp Weight: 1250KG


MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie

MAN Intercity – LIO Région Occitanie for Farming Simulator 22

I converted you my famous liO bus that I released on FS19 a few weeks ago following the many dms received on Instagram & Messenger, this will allow you to enjoy it on both Farming Simulator 🙂 The mod is 100% functional (its engine/lights/turn signals/doors) PS: The mod has an original version (civilian) and…


MAN TGX Forest Special

MAN TGX Forest Special for Farming Simulator 22

The MAN TGX Forst Spezial is specially built for Shorttimber. Thanks to its special Tandem Trailer, which is folded up and loaded onto the Motorvehicle, the toll is reduced and fuel is saved. At its place of use it is unloaded by Crane and directly coupled, and Unfolded. Stanchions on the TGX are retracted…


MAN TGX Truck Pack

MAN TGX Truck Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Available as 2 and 3 axis version Available in 2 different bumper versions Slidable fifth wheel plate for optimal trailer positioning. 35/37 different shop categories for perfect customization. The 3-axle version has the option of adding a small swap body. Swap body with small platform and crane included in the pack. The swap body can…


MAN TGX Forest Semi-Truck

MAN TGX Forest Semi-Truck for Farming Simulator 22

In control group 2 (extra) the vehicle lift and the sliding fifth wheel are controlled. Different tires to choose from Trunk support on the crane for long timber Sun visor in 2 sizes and color choice Bullbar with and without high beam Front flasher Slidable fifth wheel Chassis lift Manually controllable support Feeds Color choices…


North Beach

North Beach for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome To North Beach! A German map in Nordic style. Characteristics: ✔ Real map with fictional locations ✔ 37 fields ✔ 40 Buyable Spaces ✔ BGA ✔ 6 productions ✔ Sawmill ✔ Gas station ✔ Shop ✔ livestock dealer ✔ 4 vending stations ✔ Yard with 2 animal stables ✔ Frames can be painted build…


Niemandsland Savegame (Norddeutscher Stil)

Niemandsland Savegame (Norddeutscher Stil) for Farming Simulator 22

My conversion is finally complete and I want YOU to be part of it! The map is completely flat and somewhat in the North German style! You would only have to download a pair of mods ! At the bottom of the pictures are all! Except for the curb package, which can be obtained from…


MAN BAD Piet BP 18.690 V8 Vario V1.0.1

MAN BAD Piet BP 18.690 V8 Vario V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Engine power, torque, speed, etc. adjusted. sound changed. 14 matte colors to choose from. Untinted windows or available in brown, blue or green for a surcharge. Test Drive Is Worth It! I haven’t tried multiplayer, but otherwise without any known errors.