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Zetor 4 CYL Pack

Zetor 4 CYL Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Basic version price: 25,500,- € Power: 71 – 100 hp Category: Small tractors Top speed: 34 km/h or 42 km/h The Mod Has The Following Configurations: Engine model and power Transmission speed selection of the steering wheel Front loader console Tire size, width and rim type Weights or front linkage Cab equipment Rear mudguards Cockpit…

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Zetor 25A V1.0.2.1

Zetor 25A V1.0.2.1 for Farming Simulator 22

The Zetor 25A is a small, agile and fast tractor from the well-known Czech brand Zetor, with a top speed of 40 km / h. Changelog Small bugs fixed Changelog Torque change Add of front fender configurations Gearbox sound Changelog Adding a color configuration Tire configuration change Adding the Beacon configuration Adding…

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Ursus GR Mokrzyn Pack

Ursus GR Mokrzyn Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Package Includes: Ursus 1614 – Heavy Ursus 1614 – Tur Ursus 1224 – Whistle Ursus 914 – Baśka Ursus 1014 ZTS 16245 Zetor 10045 Rounds 12b and 16b with multicolored All tractors have a clean log and are fully playable.

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Zetor Crystal 170HD

Zetor Crystal 170HD for Farming Simulator 22

It’s an edit of Crystal, it’s not perfect but it’s ready for multiplayer, I made it for 2 days so I hope you enjoy it. Edit it and spread it as you want, I don’t even mind converting to future farming, I just want a mention that it’s from me.

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Zetor 62-7745 V1.1

Zetor 62-7745 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog front axle add new cabin simple ic support (pc only) Manufacturer: Zetor Model: 2 series Production: 1984 – 1992 Standard engine: ZETOR Transmission: Manual Max speed: 30 km/h Price: 10000 € Power: 59 – 81HP Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body color, rim color, front attacher configuration, mudguards

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Zetor 12011

Zetor 12011 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 55000 € Max power: 120hp Max speed: 35 km/h Transmission: Manual Configurations: Wheels, front loader, mudguards, lights, roof, exhaust Converted from FS19

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Zetor URI 5. And 6. Modernization

Zetor URI 5. And 6. Modernization for Farming Simulator 22

Zetor URI 5. and 6. modernization contains Zetor 7211-7745 from I. Unified Series made in Czechoslovakian factory Zetor in Brno. Pack Contains: ✔ Zetor 7211-7711: Price: 41000 $ Power: 72-77 HP ✔ Zetor 7245-7745: Price: 44000 $ Power: 72-77 HP ✔ Zetor 7245 Horal System: Price: 44000 $ Power: 72 HP ✔ Zetor Weight: Weight:…

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Zetor 162245

Zetor 162245 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 42,000 New sounds have been added and the spinning of the turns has been changed Configurations: Turbo Fenders (plastic, metal, rubber rear) Hood Lamps Tires Color Mod has SimpleIC (doors, roof, windows) Required Mods: Simple IC

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Zetor 62 72 7745 Edit

Zetor 62 72 7745 Edit for Farming Simulator 22

Added code for swinging axle so it swings Added configuration on inverted front wheels Added Michelin figure on front hydraulics and it’s only visible when you’re configuring Added additional lights

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