FS22 Massey Ferguson mods

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Massey Ferguson 76-77-87 Series V1.1

Massey Ferguson 76-77-87 Series V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Base Price 151.000/165000 $ Engine Configurations 7619/7719 – 190 HP 7620/7720 – 200 HP 7622/7722 – 220 HP 7624/7724 – 240 HP 7626/7726 – 260 HP Specifications: Main color option. Design color option. Rim color option. Front weight and Front Hydraulic option. Rear fender options. Front fender options. GPS option. Animated door and sunroof. Animated…



MF3000 for Farming Simulator 22

MF 3000, Several configurations have been made on it Base price of $ 49,500 Engine configurations MF 3095 – 95 hp MF 3115 – 115 hp MF 3120 – 120 hp Tire configurations Trelleborg Michelin Continental Mitas BKT Vredestein Nokian ✔ The left door can be opened / closed by pressing the scroll wheel and…


Massey Ferguson 3000S Edit V1.0.0.2

Massey Ferguson 3000S Edit V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

MF 3000s. some configurations have been made on it, to this will come a few update page on. work excellently. To use jack600 (timberclaw) you need to download the mod (link given down here) Colorconfig body and rims Beaconsystem (Beacons, beaconbar, ledbar) forestry system Added MP Lift Added dual wheels to…


Massey Ferguson 8480

Massey Ferguson 8480 for Farming Simulator 22

These are stepless mid-range tractors in the power range from 160 to 220 hp. Features Include: ✔ Interactive Control (doors and rear window) ✔ Various tire configurations ✔ configurable front loader console ✔ various details Attention: The mod is in beta status and is not a completely real replica! ✔ Price: 172000…


Massey Ferguson 54XX Pack

Massey Ferguson 54XX Pack for Farming Simulator 22

The Massey Ferguson 5400 series was built in the Beauvais factory between 2003 and 2013. It is a versatile mid-horsepower tractor, with an option of engines from 86 to 155hp. This is mated with the Dyna-4 transmission to make the perfect all-round package. Also includes 1500kg front weight. ✔ Manufacturer: Massey…