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2019 Kenworth T800

2019 Kenworth T800 for Farming Simulator 22

Here it is folks! the long awaited kenworth t800 probably one of my most put in to time mods i have ever done and one of the most detailed too i hope you like it! i got busy so i put it aside for a little bit may have been like a month Lol but…

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Kenworth T800 Dump Truck

Kenworth T800 Dump Truck for Farming Simulator 22

hey hey hey PierceCustoms here with another release this time its a convert from FS19 meat the Kenworth t800 dump truck from 4mr modding i gotten permission to convert it and release it so lets get to digging here the details I’ve done to the truck kept all the configurations it had in fs19 fixed…

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Kenworth W900

Kenworth W900 for Farming Simulator 22

This is the Expendables Kenworth W900 that I converted to Farming Sim 22 with the permission from the Expendables! Converted with permission from The Expandables.

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Kenworth W990 Flattop

Kenworth W990 Flattop for Farming Simulator 22

This is our W990 we released the end of Farm Sim 19 had converted to 22 Since there’s been alot of traffic for my 990 this was the one we released in FS19 at the end no its not the same as in my pictures but it functions hooks to trailers has lights and plenty…

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Liquid Tanks For Kenworth

Liquid Tanks For Kenworth for Farming Simulator 22

Attachable Liquid Tanks for Carvers Kenworth’s Suitable for all Liquids Complete with Australian Dangerous Good Labels For Diesel Truck Tank Price $10’000 Capacity 14’000L Trailer Tank Price $15’000 Capacity 28’000L

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