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If you’re looking for FS22 mods, you’re in the right place. Farming Simulator 22 is set to feature a seasonal cycle, production chains for harvested crops and livestock products, new crops in the form of grapes, olives and sorghum and over 400 vehicles and implements. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Farming Simulator 22 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.
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Rack And Tray Pack

Rack And Tray Pack for Farming Simulator 22

This rack can be transported on the three-point hydraulics to decorate your pastures. The water tray can be carried by hand or with a pallet fork. Water Tank: Price: $150 Weight: 40 Kg Rack: Price: $1,500 Weight: 300 Kg Options: Panel configuration Scallops Possible round boot diameter: 125 150 180. FreeService Panels configuration Possible round…

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John Deere 6030 Premium Series V2.0

John Deere 6030 Premium Series V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog: Interactive Controls by Vertex Dezign ADDED Tire pressure system Improved Model Visual Fixes New real custom sounds Groups and Gears changed Washable improved Fixed fuel and temperature dashboard Interior Improvement New and improved frontloader configurations (quicke and hauer added) New shield New wheel options New wheel brand Kleber Front Axle improvement Fixed some little…

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Mercedes LK 1124AF LF16/12 Schlingmann

Mercedes LK 1124AF LF16/12 Schlingmann for Farming Simulator 22

Herewith the BOS Rhineland-Palatinate Modding Team provides the first fire engine for Farming Simulator 2022 for download. It is a LF16/12, from the manufacturer Schlingmann. The basis here is a Mercedes LK 1124, an 11-ton chassis with 236 hp (OM 366LA), which was converted by the company Schlingmann to a double cab. The vehicle has…

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Claas Xerion 5500 V2.0.0.2

Claas Xerion 5500 V2.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Here’s the Claas Xerion 4500-5000 from patch 1.4.x Cabin fixed Can now turn again Unfortunately, I can’t release it from the LS 19, but I would like to make it available to you as a new one. This is still under construction, because a few things have already been installed/worked on. Main color selectable Roof…

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NEW Holland 40ER Pack

NEW Holland 40ER Pack for Farming Simulator 22

New Holland 40 Pack: 5640 | 6640 | 7740 | 8240 | 8340 Particularities: animated interior real tire sizes Exhaust configurable (Chrome / Standard Added adjustable rims Rear window and the left door are animated 4 Cylinders: Price: 55000€ Power: 65hp-95hp Motor versions: 5640 | 6640 | 7740 6 Cylinders: Price: 85000€ Power: 115hp-125hp Motor…

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Helicopter Tanks

Helicopter Tanks for Farming Simulator 22

ATTENTION Keep in mind that these tanks only work on a handful of tractors. Not all tractors have compatibility simply because they don’t all have attachment areas. I have tested this with Custom Modding’s original 8R and they work perfectly. Front tank Price- $2622 Capacity- 1514 liters Side tank Price- $6436 Capacity- 3208 liters If…

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Black FOX Distilery

Black FOX Distilery for Farming Simulator 22

This factory makes bourbon, plum brandy, pear brandy, peach liqueur, apple cider, beer, mead, rye whiskey, rum, strawberry and cherry liquors and deposit all in wood barrels. It is similar to my Royal Cellar mod, but with no wine (I made it for Italia map, where wine is already produced) and needs fruit orchard for…

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Czajkowski Strip-Till Seeder

Czajkowski Strip-Till Seeder for Farming Simulator 22

Manufacturer: Czajkowski Uprawa Pasowa Models: STK300 & PS300S Type: Strip-Till equipment Price: 38,200€ – 172,000€ Working width: 3.0m – 4.5m (9.8ft – 14.8ft) Working speed: 18kph (11mph) Czajkowski STK strip cultivation unit is a compact machine that perfectly fits the needs of Polish farmers, most of whom have tractors with a capacity of 150-250 HP….

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Steiger ST Series III

Steiger ST Series III for Farming Simulator 22

The Series III Steiger is an Articulated 4WD tractor. Series III tractors were built from 1976 through 1983. Shop Category: Large tractors Base price: 80.000 $ Power: ST220 (220hp), ST225 (250hp), ST251 (250hp), ST250 (250hp), ST270 (270hp), ST280 (280hp), ST310 (310hp), ST310 (310hp), ST325 (325hp), ST350 (350hp). Category: Large tractors Fuel tank: 1010 liters. Max….

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