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If you’re looking for FS22 mods, you’re in the right place. Farming Simulator 22 is set to feature a seasonal cycle, production chains for harvested crops and livestock products, new crops in the form of grapes, olives and sorghum and over 400 vehicles and implements. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Farming Simulator 22 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.
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Duevelsdorf Weight Pack

Duevelsdorf Weight Pack for Farming Simulator 22

Hello, dear community, today I would like to offer you my Duevelsdorf weight pack for download. Have fun with it. Duevelsdorf Weights Pack Duevelsdorf: 450KG with hitch config Duevelsdorf: 750KG with hitch config Duevelsdorf: 1050KG with hitch config

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Map Objects Hider V0.3.1

Map Objects Hider V0.3.1 for Farming Simulator 22

If the mapper had different plans than you, stop making adjustments directly in the map and hide what bothers you. This mod is based on the LS19 mod from Royal Modding and brought to the LS22. Many thanks at this point again for the great mod in LS19 and for the permission to bring it…

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MTZ-82.1 Balochnik V1.3

MTZ-82.1 Balochnik V1.3 for Farming Simulator 22

New sounds; Other changes. Manufacturer: MTZ; Model: 82.1, 80.1, Balochnik; Engine: D-245; Price: 27000 €; Engine power: 80 hp; Maximum speed: 35 km/h; Various options/configurations. Front loader PKU-0.8; Aggregated with MTZ-82.1, beamer, 80.1; Price: 2500 €.

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DT-75 Kazakhstan V1.0.0.1

DT-75 Kazakhstan V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Added dumps; Audio format has been converted to gls; Brand change to Rostselmash. Power: 66 kW / 90 hp; Speed: 12 km/h; Capacity of a fuel tank: 430 l.; Price: 7 550 €; Choice of primary color; Counterweight configuration; Headlight configuration; Fire extinguisher configuration; License plate configuration; Adjustable hitch; Animated devices; Working lighting equipment; Leaves…

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Windyloads V0.0.5

Windyloads V0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

For all the friends of a more realistic play style. Some loads will be blown away by heavy winds when transported in open trailers or other vehicles. first implementation of particle system for blowing effect. See mod description for limitations bugfix of addSpecialization function in RegisterSpecialization.lua (line 80) added some more description text added possibility…

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Mercedes-Benz W124 250D V1.2.1

Mercedes-Benz W124 250D V1.2.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Mercedes W124 250D arrives at FS22 an indestructible Mercedes perfect for your farm. V1.2.1.0 add more color choices on the side skirts So put on the music ”NTM Ma Benz” at the bottom of the box and enjoy ”Zoom Zoom Zen in Ma Benz Benz Benz” animate counter simple ic front door, rear, trunk, hood…

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Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.5

Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to the Iowa Plains View. Changelog V1.0.0.5: Fixed BGA bale trigger. Changed road textures. New savegame is not required The map is based on terrain in the State of Iowa,US, but has been modified to fit the gameplay i like and will not represent any particular place or city. This map is standard size…

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Freies Siedlerland V1.0.1

Freies Siedlerland V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

This 2xx map is the little sister of the 4x map. Added a normal familiar Overview/PDA. Pioneer settlers discover an open landscape and set up a base. Shop, gas station, workshop, multi-point of sale (If one of two dumps won’t take something, try the one next to it), well, and a log cabin. The country…

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Huard/Kuhn Master 120

Huard/Kuhn Master 120 for Farming Simulator 22

Pack of rotary 3,4 and 5 furrows plows. The Mod Has: Maximum working speed: 12kph. Huard and Kuhn brand selection. Configuration of pre-plows. Configuration of new and used version Animation of setting the first furrow. Width Configurations: 3 Furrows: Working Width 1.1m Price: $16000 Required power: 70HP Mass:900kg 4 Furrows: Price: $19500 Working Width 1.45m…

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