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Long Live Freedom

Long Live Freedom for Farming Simulator 22

Your poultry freely, she walks all over the yard. As can still be seen today on some farms. Much more charm than in these factory farms. We TFSGROUP offer you this REALISTIC MOD.

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Alex Prodealcenter Farm V1.1

Alex Prodealcenter Farm V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to Alex Prodealcenter Farm. Discover the real family farm of Alexandre de Prodealcenter for an even more realistic immersion in the life of a French farmer. Visiting this farm in a real location in the Berrichonne countryside of central France, the roads will take you to the small village of Luant. You will be…

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Ag-Bag Silage Bagger

Ag-Bag Silage Bagger for Farming Simulator 22

Conversion from 19 and updated to be more realistic. There are two (2) download options. One is the basic bagger that will work on any map. Converts grass and chaff to silage, and maize to mineral feed (like high moisture corn, needs a separate bag from silage obviously) The second one has Westby in the…

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Exhaust Extension

Exhaust Extension for Farming Simulator 22

This script adds a realistic smoke particle effect to all vehicles. The intensity depends on the engine load and several trigger events: Turning on the engine Delimbing or cutting a tree The damage value is high Modders can set values for their vehicles like the overall intensity of the smoke or individual factors and thresholds….

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Plantly Production

Plantly Production for Farming Simulator 22

This mod provides additional plant based productions. It has a productionpoint for plantbased milk and one for tofu. The production is based on realistic profits and production inputs. Additional sellingpoints are the supermarket and farmers market with the plant based products. Prices: ✔ Tofu Factory: 80,000 ✔ Vegan Milk Factory: 100,000 ✔ V-Farmers Marke: 55,000…

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Schlingmann Unimog TLF3000 Beta

Schlingmann Unimog TLF3000 Beta for Farming Simulator 22

» Features: » Animated doors » Animated speedometer ” Trailer hitch » Realistic 3D expansion » Stadt Horn on key ‘Num7’ » Compressed air horn on button ‘Num8’ » Ambient lighting on key ‘Num9’ » Rear warning on button ‘X’ » Rolling shutters on button ‘N’ » Bumper configuration ” Black ” White » License…

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