FS22 Ropa Mods

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Ropa Suedhemmern Edition

Ropa Suedhemmern Edition for Farming Simulator 22

Ropa Tiger with suitable cutters for potatoes, asparagus, sugar beet and sugar cane. adapted for the southern hemmers. a more powerful engine variant is installed, the bunker volume can be selected from standard 43,000 to XXL 1,000,000 liters, Unloading speed adapted to the respective bunker volume. A full harvester now always takes 40 seconds to…

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Ropa Maus Pack

Ropa Maus Pack for Farming Simulator 22

NawaRo-MultiMaus: This is the Ropa NawaRo-Maus with the capability to scoop up and convey all materials. The internal capacity of the conveyor is also increased from 3000 liters to 9000 liters. All other parameters are unchanged from the base game version. ✔ Added all base game colours for the paintjob and rims ✔ Price: $328,000…

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Ropa Pack Nf-Marsch Edition V1.1

Ropa Pack Nf-Marsch Edition V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Ropa Tiger with headers for sugar beets, sugar cane, potatoes, white cabbage, carrots and onions. Ropa Tiger6S available in the game with matching headers and header trailers.. Was Changed: ✔ Added fruits (sugar beets, sugar cane, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions) ✔ the respective fruit symbol is attached to the right-hand side of the cutterbars…

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Ropa Pack V2.0

Ropa Pack V2.0 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Unrealistic * Bunker volume 100 K – 250 K L Cutters for potatoes, sugar cane, cotton, sugar beets, carrots, onions and cabbage included in the pack. ( In the respective categories ) 12m working width 20 KM/H working speed

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Ropa Tiger 6S SET

Ropa Tiger 6S SET for Farming Simulator 22

This is an edit of the Ropa Tiger6s Harvester. It will harvest both SugarBeet and Potato. It has two headers, one for potato and one for sugarbeet. Capacity 80,000l. Operating speed 12mph/19kph. Colour choices for bodywork and rims. Choice of tyres. Option to remove some of the decals.

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Ropa Keiler 2

Ropa Keiler 2 for Farming Simulator 22

This version of the Ropa Keiler 2 has been modified to allow use of mouse control. The following functions can now be operated with the mouse: ✔ Wheel Steering ✔ Drawbar Furthermore, the working width is changed to correspond with the actual potato rows. And lastly, there are some additional tyre configurations added to the…

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