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Kverneland Optima RS 9M V1.0.1

Kverneland Optima RS 9M V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: $80,500 Power requirement: 180 hp Working width: 9 m Ability: Seeds2000L/Fertilizer800L for 0$ Seeds6000L/Fertilizer4500L for $3,000 Seeds12000L/Fertilizer8500L for $7,500 Seeds24000L/Fertilizer17000L for $14,500 Seeds30000L/Fertilizer20000L for $20,500 Seeds42000L/Fertilizer27000L for $25,500 Seeds50000L/Fertilizer30000L for $35,500 Configs: changeable capacity full-color editable changeable wheel

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Kverneland / Accord / Kubota Seeders Pack V1.2

Kverneland / Accord / Kubota Seeders Pack V1.2 for Farming Simulator 22

Changelog [v1.1]: New, 5th version of the seeder has been added Description and configuration translation corrections Changelog [v1.2]: Kubota SD1300 added Mod name and icon updated Price: 7.000€ – 10.000€ Working width: 3.0m Capacity: 750l/1000l/1250l 4 seeder models Configuration of extensions increasing the capacity of the tank Color configuration Wheel configuration Wheel color configuration Mechanism…

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TLX Geospread LE

TLX Geospread LE for Farming Simulator 22

The Landbauer TLX Geospread is a conversion of the model Exacta TLX GEOSPREAD from the company Kverneland. The fertilizer spreader has a CentreFlow metering system with a higher flow rate, 8 spreading vanes, and a selectable filling volume of 3,900 – 5,200 liters for artificial fertilizer. Furthermore, the Landbauer standard color selection for individual design,…

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Kverneland TLG 600

Kverneland TLG 600 for Farming Simulator 22

✔ Modification Management * X – Expands ✔ Modification errors * Not observed ✔ Benefits of modification * Washable Wearing Hoses ✔ Modification evaluation * 9/10 *Map* Elmcreek *Additional information* Required power 120hp Weight 0.915t Width 5.6m Working speed 15kph Price 36,000

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