Download Talbach 2K23 V2 Final Farming Simulator 22 Map Mod

FS22 Talbach 2K23 V2 Final mod
Talbach 2K23 V2 Final for FS22

Update FINAL:
Small fixes/changes
Removed unused/repeated textures
Added Czech translation by listonos13. Thank you for that
Fixed Colli at the cowshed
Traffic collisions adjusted by AI traffic
Volume of the large boxes for apples & oranges reduced to 1080l
PDA map completely renewed including customPDA map for RealGPS Mod by LSFM
Fixed problem when the mod “RealismAddon AnimalGrazing” is not in the folder
Fixed issue in the production overview with the “Info Display Extension” mod
TipColli adapted to the manure plate at the main courtyard/pig farm
Production recipes generally revised and adjusted (cycles & consumption)
Sales prices have been generally revised and adjusted
Farmland purchase prices revised and adjusted accordingly
Fixed unevenness in fields
Large BGA must be purchased now
Sawmill must be purchased now
Fields that were owned have been removed
TrafficSplines generally adjusted/fixed

New save is required

Talbach (FS22) Update Release Notes:
FS22 Game Version:
FS22 must have version, otherwise the map will not run

Required Mods:
LSFM BigBag Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM BigBag Pack)
LSFM Farm Equipment Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Farm Equipment Pack )
LSFM Universal Ball Bearing: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Universal Ball Bearing)
ObjectStorage Mod: GtX|Andy
Meridian TL12-39 AL: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: Meridian TL12-39 AL )
NEW: Straw recovery AddOn: CreativMesh

Optional Mods:
If you want to play with MaizePlus, you need the file “” in your mod folder. The feeding of the animals was adjusted here. Many thanks to Achimobil for the release (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
GoeweilFilltypesExtension Mod: Ifko[nator] (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
PrecisionFarming: GIANTS Software (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
Maize Plus: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher
RealismAddon AnimalGrazing: model saver
manureSystem: Wopster (Modhub Download v1.2.0.0 is required)
BPG_driveDistance Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
RealGPS Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
Vertex IC Mod (Built in PickUp and various trailers)
K75B WIFO: 76-Max
Cantilever rack: PrivatPrivat (Modding World Download)
Leasing fields: KR-Softwares

After downloading you will receive a RAR file, which you must first unpack. However, ZIP files do not need to be unpacked because they are already the mods. If you have problems unpacking, please use WinRAR to unpack.

Contents Of The “FS22 Talbach AIO Pack”:
In the map pack there are 2 folders one called “customPDA_Talbach” and “optionalMods”

Here is a customized PDA map for our mod “RealGPS”. You can find the mod on the LSFM page under “Downloads”. Please note the installation video for “customPDA”.

Optional mods
There is an adapted precision farming version here that has been specially adapted for compost, clover and alfalfa
You can also find the Goeweil Filltype Extension here, this is an additional mod for the Goeweil DLC which makes it possible to process the extra bales on the Talbach
Maize Plus AnimalFoodAdditions which adapts the feeding under Maize Plus for the Talbach

General Information About Other Mods Or DLCs:
Maize Plus is fully supported on the current map version. Current Maize Plus Mod from Modhub is recommended
AnimalGrazing is supported on the current map version. Current RealismAddon AnimalGrazing Mod from Modhub is recommended
Precision farming is fully supported since version of the map. Function of compost, clover & alfalfa, the use of the adapted version of Precision Farming is necessary (included in the pack)
Göweil DLC is fully supported here
Danger! The productions from the Platinum DLC (ForestDLC) are not supported on the map because there are no sales points for the products

Not Compatible With:
Production RevAmp (The map has its own production lines that are overwritten with the mod and thus lead to problems)
AnimatedObject Extend (Can lead to problems with various gates)
Enhanced Animal System (Leads to a dung bug in the cowshed)

Near Garden (yard):
Next to the compost store, there is also a manure store

Chicken Coop:
Chicken building reduced in size
NavMesh adjusted accordingly

From now on the packer needs: water & molasses
Acceptance of molasses from Maize Plus possible. Molasses from the Straw Salvage AddOn is “NOT” accepted

Recipes For Oranges Expanded:
Orange juice –> Orange juice packaged
Orange juice + water + molasses –> Orange nectar packaged (thanks to elMatador)
Orange juice + molasses + water –> orange jam

Recipes For Apples Expanded:
Apple juice –> Apple juice packaged
Apple juice + water + molasses –> apple nectar packaged
Apple juice + molasses + water –> apple jam
Cider –> Apple cider packaged

Orange Production 1:
Recipe expanded
Cleaning now requires water

Milk Production (in Addition To Hay Drying):
Triggers & milk jugs adjusted

Farm Silo:
New silo model added
Bottom flap is opened/closed on the left switch box
Pipe for filling the trailer is operated on the right switch box

Village Shop:
Opening hours changed
Open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. No sales possible after 1 p.m

Outdoor enclosure now has grass including AnimalGrazing ready

NEW On The Map:
Straw Recovery Add-on:
Opposite the dairy there are now 2 halls from the pack
Terrain must be purchased to open the roller shutter

In the side hall of the butcher, there are now 5 smokehouses. These each hold 24 fish for smoking. The whole thing is powered by either wood chips or straw pellets.
Wood chips can be purchased as BigBags from BayWa. Acceptance of straw pellets through the straw recovery add-on
Can only be used if you own the fish farm
Usable from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The gates are closed after 10 p.m

Apple Orchard:
The apple orchard is now opposite the Schafhof. Same principle as the orange plantation. Just add water (ManureSystem ready)
There are now 3 boxes for apples. The small, one normal and one large box
Land must be purchased

Apple Juice Factory:
Here your apples can be further processed into: apple juice & apple cider
Here too, 3 steps have to be completed as with the orange factory. Systems 1 & 2 must be set to “Distribute” to get apple juice
The sweet must, from Appendix 1, can be processed into apple wine (unpackaged). Set “sweet cider” to “distribute” accordingly
In the small hall, sweet cider is processed into apple wine. You can then take this to the packer, who will pack it into pallets
Cider can also be dropped off at the church between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., as a small donation so to speak 😉
Land must be purchased

Molasses Factory:
Sugar beets are processed into molasses here. This is needed by the packer for the production of various products. As a by-product you get beet pulp to fuel your BGA
Molasses can also be purchased from BayWa as an IBC tank
Manufactured molasses is “NOT” accepted at the Premos 5000 (Straw Salvage AddOn).

Various goods can be sold here at a certain time
Sales possible from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. No sales possible after 7 p.m
Decorations react to seasons & cars react to times

Author: RepiGaming

How to install this mod

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – /Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods
    • Mac OS – /Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2022/mods
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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