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Horsch Pack With Optional Fertilization V1.0.1.0

Horsch Pack With Optional Fertilization V1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Horsch Pack v1.0.1.0 with added Optional Fertilization. Optional Fertilization allows you to convert the fertilizer tanks of seeders, which have optional fertilization, to seed tanks in the workshop. If a lot of slurry or manure is available for fertilization, you don’t have to spend too much expensive mineral fertilizer. As a result of this conversion,…

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Horsch Pronto 9DC

Horsch Pronto 9DC for Farming Simulator 19

This Horsch Pronto 9DC Has: Color selection for Tires & Chassis Multifruit for ALL LS19 Maps Fill volume choice from standard 5000L total to 15000L total Fill volume weighs NOTHING  

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Horsch – Nuhn – Houle GEA Slurry Feeder Incl. Dolly

Horsch – Nuhn – Houle GEA Slurry Feeder Incl. Dolly for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Brand.: Tractor pool (because of the possible manufacturer configs) ✔ Category.: SlurryTanks ✔ Price.: From 4000 .- -> 60,000.- FS Teuro’s NO Brochure Booklet Realism! FS19 Texture System! Nobody is forced to use this mod. What can the set do? ✔ Can be used as a liquid manure feeder or directly for spreading the…

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Praga V3S

Praga V3S for Farming Simulator 19

Czechoslovak military truck from the 1950s Compatibility with GIANTS Horsch Pack, Bag’n’Lifter Pack and others many different platforms and functions.

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