FS19 Volvo Mods

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Volvo A40G FS

Volvo A40G FS for Farming Simulator 19

Volvo A40G FS –Base Price: 350,000 –Diesel Capacity: 480 Litres, DEF Capacity: 39 Litres –Speed: 57KM/H, Reverse Speed: 18KM/H –Engine Options: 476HP – 700HP –Tire Options: Choice of three types –Wheel Hub Options: Choice of two rim types –Mud Flap Options: Fixed or Dynamic –Tailgate Options: Tailgate or No Tailgate –Beacon Light Options: Choice of…


Pack Volvo

Pack Volvo for Farming Simulator 19

The package includes three truck tractors, two of them have a choice of chassis, all cars have a choice of wheels, a large number of color settings, engine configurations.