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NEW Earth Textures

NEW Earth Textures for Farming Simulator 19

New ground textures were partially taken from FS22. The shader in the package is put into the game files, it improves the appearance of the textures. Recommended highest graphics settings for the best look.

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Ground Textures 30 V3.0

Ground Textures 30 V3.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Ground textures for 30″ rows. Please read the instructions to install correctly, this is NOT a drag-and-drop mod. This requires installation into the map and/or base game files depending on your map’s file paths. Instructions included in the file.

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High Definition Foliagen Pack

High Definition Foliagen Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Here is the V1 of my High Definition Foliage for Farming Simulator 2019. A V2 Will Follow For Maize Plants, Possibly Potatoes, Beets And If Necessary Better Adapted Distance Maps For The Respective Plants! It may be that a few distance maps do not yet match the color exactly, I could not change this time.

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Terrain Textures

Terrain Textures for Farming Simulator 19

Plowing, sowing or cultivated land are much more beautiful and realistic with these textures. To install these textures, you have to download the winrar, unzip it and read the little tutorial.

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