Lizard EHD 10020 V1.1

Lizard EHD 10020 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Developed for Extra Heavy Duty work, the EHD 10020 with 24 Discs of 42 Inches, and with a weight of 11 Tons, can be an equipment that demands from Pro Service Prepared Tractors. Price: 28000€ Category: Plows Working Width: 5.72m Required Power: 450hp Function: Plow, allows Field Creation Dimensions: 5.7m x 8.2m Weight: 11t Configurations:…


Firewood Processor And Sellpoint

Firewood Processor And Sellpoint for Farming Simulator 19

With this machine you can cut tree log to specified length and then split them into small pieces as firewood. Included placeable sell point where you can sell your firewood and get higher profit (2x than default). It accepts standard wood logs too but profit is the same as in other wood sell points. ✔…


MTZ 892 V1.0.0.1

MTZ 892 V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Manufacturer: MTZ Model: 892 Engine: D-245 Price: 12000 € Engine power: 105 hp Maximum speed: 34 km/h Additional Options: ✔ Color choice: blue, red ✔ Color choice (rims) white, gray, black ✔ Front loader (PFN 0.9) ✔ Rear wheel loaders ✔ Rotating beacon ✔ GPS navigator ✔ “guidanceSteering” script support ✔ Script support: “UniversalPassenger” PFN…


Ural 375 LOG Truck

Ural 375 LOG Truck for Farming Simulator 19

Made for 15 minutes for my usage. Have small bugs which can be easily fixed. Truck is made for forest with small machinery. Tag me if you upload mod on other sites. Enjoy with this truck!


Kogel Autoload Trailer Auchan

Kogel Autoload Trailer Auchan for Farming Simulator 19

This is a trailer that can be used to restock stores with winding terrain, such as Russia or Ukraine. NB: mod contains autoload with U | the tarpaulin can be removed with the N | sides open with X key


40 TON Bucket Pack

40 TON Bucket Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is a pack of buckets compatible with my 40-50 ton excavators. Included is a 5 tooth digging bucket and a 3 tooth trenching bucket. Features: Toggleable collisions Buckets are able to be attached reversed for backfilling