MTZ-82.3 V1.1

MTZ-82.3 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Power: 62 kW / 84 HP; Speed: 35 km/h; Fuel tank volume: 130 l.; Price: 45 thousand y.e.; Color choice: main, design, counterweight, rim; Loop / counterweight configuration; Ready for “SimpleIC”; The hinge can be adjusted; Connecting hoses; Animated devices, pedals, levers, wipers; Working lighting equipment and mirrors; Gets dirty and washes; Get old.

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Carriable Repair Crate

Carriable Repair Crate for Farming Simulator 19

This is a fun little project I threw together, it’s a carriable repair crate full of parts you might replace on other mods I’ve made. It also has a mallet and a socket wrench I modeled too, because you’re not gonna get those bolts off with just your fingers! It functions as a mobile equipment…

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Avia A15 – A31 L

Avia A15 – A31 L for Farming Simulator 19

Mod contains all Avia upgrades from 1968 – 1975 in the L version ( Flatbed ) A15 A20 A21 A30 A31 There are also a few basic configurations to choose from Plastic mudguards / Mudguards in color 2 types of bumpers + option with additional lights Classic flatbed / Flatbed with tarpaulin / Flatbed extension…

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Schmitz Trailer3 By BOB51160 V4.0

Schmitz Trailer3 By BOB51160 V4.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Hello everyone. Today I present to you the trailer FS19_Schmitz_Trailer3_By_BOB51160, This trailer is 5 in 1 and to load it you have to use the loading dock posted a few days before, for some pallets it empties inside to fill the space of the trailer, for more information see the attached photos. I wish you…

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Limanny Map

Limanny Map for Farming Simulator 19

Map Limanny is located in northwestern Kazakhstan 2 villages, and 1 city. there is a gas station in the city, in every village, there is a gas station, but it must be filled. 2 cowsheds, 1 stable, 1 pigsty, 1 chicken coop (sheepfold not installed yet) 27 fields, 8 industries (2 silos, a fish factory,…

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