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Peugeot 308 2022 V4.0

Peugeot 308 2022 V4.0 for Farming Simulator 19

I have the honor to release in collaboration with my fellow modder Nono54 his sublime Peugeot 308 from 2022, a flagship model of recent months. This car will have several configurations, don’t worry, it will be updated every 4/5 days or so (if I find time ) so that there is a new color available;…

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2010 Ford F-350 6.4 Powerstroke Hauler V1.10

2010 Ford F-350 6.4 Powerstroke Hauler V1.10 for Farming Simulator 19

I DO NOT CLAIM ORIGINAL CREDIT FOR THIS MOD 2010 Ford F-350 6.4 Powerstroke Hauler. This truck was originally a mod in FS13, converted by Savage Farms, and uploaded to his public Facebook page. He has since left the modding world and taken down his page, but I still had this mod downloaded. During his…

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2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz

2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz for Farming Simulator 19

What’s New ✔ Original vehicle was proportionally too large, so I scaled it down to about 85% ✔ Original tires were visually too thick, so I brought down the width ✔ Slightly heavier window tint ✔ Starting price changed to $23,500 ✔ Character/Avatar wasn’t sitting right, so I made them invisible (I’m new to this…

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Skoda Octavia 2016

Skoda Octavia 2016 for Farming Simulator 19

In This Mod You Will Find: ✔ A “CLASSIC” variant with a choice of colors possible ✔ A “WHITE” variant ✔ A variant “DRIVING SCHOOL DU SUD” ✔ A variant “PILOTS’ WORKSHOP” ✔ 2 sets of FR license plates & a trailer hitch of your choice (with/without) THE SKODA IS IN THE CAR CATEGORY OR…

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Mazda 787B 1991

Mazda 787B 1991 for Farming Simulator 19

Built from the ground up, a 1991 Mazda 787B Japanese sports racing car for Farming Simulator 2019. Specifications: ✔ Cost: 2500 USD; ✔ Power: 270 hp; ✔ Speed: 200 km / h; ✔ Log without errors. The car has a small problem, the hands are crooked behind the wheel.

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BMW X5 E53

BMW X5 E53 for Farming Simulator 19

In This Mod You Will Find: ✔ Standard FR plates ✔ a complete interior (addition of a more realistic counter) ✔ Reworking/replacing some textures (seats, dashboard) ✔ Removal of bluish windows -> tinted windows ✔ Majority translation of i3D in FR

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