FS19 Implements and Tools Mods

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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor for Farming Simulator 19

This ramp can be used to carry straw or hey bales to Krone Premos or a bale shredder, carry logs to a chipper and can even move pallets. Price: 8500 $ Daily Upkeep: 10 $ Size: 11.3×1.35×2.1 meters


Potato/Sugarbeet Harvesters

Potato/Sugarbeet Harvesters for Farming Simulator 19

Beet loader SPS-4.2 is designed to load sugar beets from heaps and piles into vehicles with additional cleaning from the ground and tops, which makes it possible to increase the usable weight of beets when feeding them to sugar factories..


Vakovač-Budissa BAG (Silage Bagger)

Vakovač-Budissa BAG (Silage Bagger) for Farming Simulator 19

Hi, a lot of people wanted a normal vacuum cleaner, so I throw it here 🙂 it already works as a vacuum cleaner, so if you put noodles in there, it will turn into silage .. does not work with Maize plus and slips a bit .. if you find any other bugs then I…


RN 8012 Pack

RN 8012 Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Contains: Chain container carrier RN8012, Skip, Tanks for Diesel, herbicid, milk, slurry, water. RN 8012: Price: 8000 € Color configuration Skip: Price: 2000 € Capacity: 7000l Color configuration Tanks: Price: 1500 € Capacity: 5000l Color configuration Manure system ready (For PC)


Lizard Crop Sensor

Lizard Crop Sensor for Farming Simulator 19

The LIZARD CROP SENSOR for the front of the vehicle. Fast and inexpensive soil analysis during field work. Fields can be scanned with the sensor in order to analyze soil properties. Span: 8.5 m Scan width: 20.0 m Transport width: 2 m Price: 18800 € Required mods: Precision Farming DLC


Stihl RE581 With Trailer

Stihl RE581 With Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

Stihl brand high pressure washer that you can place wherever you want and then transport it in the LIZARD transport trailer using a pallet fork. Stihl RE581 PLUS ✔ Price: 1.550 € ✔ Maintenance: 5 €/day LIZARD TL-AL RE581 ✔ Price: 1.200 €


Variable Spray Usage V1.0.0.2

Variable Spray Usage V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 19

This script makes it possible to calculate the application rate of liquidmanure, manure, fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer and herbicide to the worked hectare. The application rate is regulated depending on the speed. This means, no matter what speed is applied, the application rate is always adjusted. The script installs itself in all vehicles that have…