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AJ Deere Truck Pack

AJ Deere Truck Pack for Farming Simulator 19

here is a pack of aj deere trucks comes with 8 mods in a pack must unzip using 7zip or winzip AJsKenworthPackV5 comes with cab options ARFrameMixerAJ whitch is a cement mixer for the ar frames on the trucks FS19_RolloffFiller whitch is a cone FS19_RollOffPack whitch comes with 2 roll offs and 2 bins KenworthT880AJV2…


Ural 375 LOG Truck

Ural 375 LOG Truck for Farming Simulator 19

Made for 15 minutes for my usage. Have small bugs which can be easily fixed. Truck is made for forest with small machinery. Tag me if you upload mod on other sites. Enjoy with this truck!


Tatra 815 Final

Tatra 815 Final for Farming Simulator 19

TATRA 815 truck which has 5 extensions as well as color and tire configurations. Types Of Extensions: 1 – Grain extension: 22000 l. 2 – Silage extension: 32000 l. Price 6000 € 3 – Second silage extension: 34000 l. Price 7000 € 4 – Extension slurry spreader: 11000 l. Price 16000€ 5 – Extension manure…


Kamaz Grain Carrier 65115-7 Alteration V3.3

Kamaz Grain Carrier 65115-7 Alteration V3.3 for Farming Simulator 19

KAMAZ-65115 Grain Carrier: ✔ Capacity: 9000/14000 liters. KAMAZ-65117 Grain Truck: ✔ Capacity: 25000/30000/40000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65115: ✔ Capacity: 9000/14000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65117: ✔ Capacity: 25000/30000/40000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65117: ✔ Changed the choice of configurations (all separately); ✔ Added body for 40,000 liters. Changes In ✔ Spoiler is now painted without problems;…


GAZ 52 KO-50 V1.1

GAZ 52 KO-50 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Edited the price from 24,000 to one and a half thousand euros. ✔ Maximum speed: 90 km/h; ✔ Choice of engine; ✔ Cost: 24.000 euros; (Before version 1.1 update). ✔ Capacity: 3.500 liters; ✔ Working mirrors; ✔ Working lighting.


MAZ 5549 V1.5

MAZ 5549 V1.5 for Farming Simulator 19

Added sounds for opening doors Added stripes on the body ✔ Cost: 18600; ✔ Speed: 85 km/h; ✔ Load capacity: 12000 l; ✔ Choice of cabin design; ✔ Color configuration;